Top Five Most Technically Flawed Games to Release this Generation

Fallout 76 has been one of the most infamous releases of 2018. However, it should be noted that Bethesda's latest title isn't the only game to release with massive technical issues. There are many games that released in unfinished states during this generation alone. Here are the top 5 most technically flawed games to release this generation.

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UltraNova83d ago

F76 takes this hands down.

PrinceVegeta83d ago

I think Bathesda should not be a part of this category of top 10 / top 5. Otherwise they are going to win by default.

badz14983d ago

and no mention of BF4? that game was broken for months after release

badz14982d ago

no mention of Just Cause 3 as well. that game was terribly optimized and reloading a challenge can take up to 7 minutes! I still keep the video just to remind me not to buy into JC4 hype. I'll buy it when it goes on sale.

sazselesbon83d ago

I bought AC: Unity later on and really enjoyed the game. But I remember the coverage at launch, when it was a bug fest!

Razzer83d ago

Yeah, it was really a great AC game after all the crap was fixed. Much like Mass Effect: Andromeda. Grabbed both of those for more than half off weeks after launch.

Gahl1k83d ago

Another benefit of waiting out instead of buying day one--one gets a full functioning product for half the price or even less.

Lord_Sloth83d ago

I got it at launch and, yeah, there were some issues but it shouldn't really be on this list for how quickly Ubi fixed everything and it damn sure shouldn't be #1 on this list because even at launch it still worked well enough to enjoy. Game was great. Gets a lot of unfair hate due to the bad press.

F76 or some other Bethesda game should take #1 slot. Backwards flying dragons crashing games, insane save bloats, save file corruptions and deletions, etc...

Imortus_san83d ago

Frame rate on Consoles was never properly fixed.

agent1383d ago

mafia 3 was terrible at launch specially the pc version

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