Why E3 2020 Is Critical for Xbox

IGN: "Microsoft's planets are all aligning towards E3 2020. We explain why it will be the most important moment in the last decade of Xbox. Plus: Red Dead Online impressions, The Initiative's big new hire, and more!"

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FallenAngel198457d ago

Microsoft can only ever hope to compete in North America and probably UK. Every other region they always fall behind Sony’s PlayStation brand.

JaguarEvolved57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

It's over for the Xbox and it's been over for the past five years. Microsoft are now making certain moves to appear that they are addressing the biggest issue that has been plaguing Xbox since last generation but their games will still be multiplatform and takes years to get released. PlayStation has been doing the same thing generation after generation which is releasing amazing exclusive games and gamers can trust that when you get a PlayStation it will get a lot of amazing games. Sony has been saying that they will be making even more AAA exclusive games more so because of the success they've been having. For the past 8 or so years every e3 was supposed to be the crucial year Microsoft shows amazing games and every year it's been a let down and then people create hype saying " wait until next Microsoft e3, wait until e3" . It's been almost a decade now so aren't fanboys sick of waiting? PlayStation has amazing exclusives that can be played now with games on the way

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AngelicIceDiamond56d ago

"It's over for the Xbox and it's been over for the past five years."

It was "over" for Xbox once the PS3 shipped a year later in 06
It was "over" for Xbox 5 years ago even after all that bad messaging
Its always "over" for Xbox whenever a big PS game comes out or some sort of feat Sony does.

So essentially you're not saying anything, anything at all. You don't actually mean what you say considering half of what you say regarding Xbox is really stupid

Example 1: "Microsoft are now making certain moves to appear that they are addressing the biggest issue that has been plaguing Xbox since last generation but their games will still be multiplatform and takes years to get released."

How are they "appearing" when its evident they been buying studios all year long. Remember the very thing that everybody agreed that MS needs to buy studios? The focal point of all of MS issues ever since the beginning of Xbox.

I dunno how much all those studios cost but I'm sure it has to be shy of 100m total. That's not cheap for nobody even MS. So no its not "pretend", they're not "acting" this is real freakin money being thrown around here. "Appearing to address the issue" The dumbest thing I've heard in a while.

gangsta_red56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

How come certain folks always say, "it's over for Microsoft"?

What's hilarious is we all read the same comment(s) week after week, year after year, decade to decade and yet Xbox is still here.

While fans wait for the next E3, other "fans" wait for Xbox to be done and finished.

I wonder which will actually happen first?

Septic56d ago

"It's over for the Xbox and it's been over for the past five years."

LOL!!! Oh yeah it's over as the company buys out 7 game studios in one year.

Fanboys been praying for it to be over for 5 years. They'll keep praying for another 5 years...

crazyCoconuts56d ago

If it's over for Xbox, why are they still selling consoles? So what if they're not #1. Has it been over for Pepsi? Is it over for iOS? Do you really think that because you think A is better than B that B just ceases to exist?

Pickledpepper56d ago

I own all platforms but my console of choice is Xbox. Yes there is good games on ps but I didn't like the uncharted series, the last of us is a really good game but I play mostly multiplates which play and look better on the X

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XtaZ56d ago

The irony here is that PlayStation and Sony as a whole is much much more likely to go under than Xbox ever will, and it's actually more of a 'when" than 'if' judging by how Sony currently run things and how they struggle in most of their divisions.

RosweeSon56d ago

Over il not a fan think they’ve been awful but if you think 30 million consoles sold plus all the yearly subscriptions over the 5 years it’s been out they got enough money they ain’t done. They just in cruise control and too complacent need to try much harder next Gen like they did 360 days. Not bothered myself tho ps4 and switch for me. Does worry that 2020 is important tho I mean who needs 2019 haha

Apocalypse Shadow56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Angelic diamond, it wasn't about buying studios in a desperate attempt to regain favor. We have all said that they should be making more games. They had studios already. They just chose to close them because they didn't care about managing any or making games. They only care about profits. They didn't buy Mojang for them to make more games. They saw profit. Spent 2 billion in them. And what other games have they made? None. That 2 billion could have been invested in making Rare better. Making Lionhead better and so on.

Just because they bought companies on the brink of bankruptcy doesn't mean they get a pass because you still aren't getting more games or new IPs THIS generation.

Jaguar mentioned the waiting game because you're still waiting on promises. Promise don't make games. If under delivering was an achievement, Microsoft would have the highest score. And we keep hearing excuses when they are one of the richest companies in the world. Nothing but excuses and just wait.

PrematuaProcrastin8a56d ago

The only years ps had more aaa exclusive games this gen were 2017/18. Why do you think there were articles saying Sony were geniuses for delaying games leaving next to nothing on their release slate in 2014/15. Why do you think Andrew House said TO INVESTORS that their 2014/15 1st party lineup was going to be "SPARSE"? Why do you think the PS4 was called the indie station for 3 years after launch? Keep rewriting history though m8, 1 year at a time.

RizBiz56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

@gangsta_red I love how your comment rating is exactly 50/50. Pretty much proves your point perfectly. ^-^

Why o why55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

It's over for this gen. . I can agree with that. . It's a brighter future though so it's not over for Xbox at all.

Like mentioned before, ms made promises they couldn't keep. All of the defence of lack of exclusives or downplay of their worth over the gen only for '7 studios' to ignite new enthusiasm. . . . .maybe they'll be making multiplats right. . . . .lol. too many n4g members were apologists, using dumb metrics as to why the richest player produced the least. Spent way too much energy bemoaning Sony's frailties like x play and bc when they should of been using MORE energy on ms's crap output and empty promises not defending them. Sony smashed ms without all the things 'bots' claimed made a big impact. . . ....speaking of which, don't let me get started on 'impact' and sp . . Lol

shaggy230355d ago


If it really is "over for Xbox" then its the Sony gamer that will lose out.

Companies need competition, and if you remove Microsoft from the console space then Sony will have nobody to compete against, they will no longer try to get more customers. For proof of this look at what happened when Sony announced the PS3, they were that arrogant that they launched it at $500, and then quickly reduced the price. Same thing happened with Microsoft going from the 360 to the Xbox One.

Realms55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@ XtaZ

Care to explain? Sony's most profitable division is the gaming division so if Sony where to get into financial trouble they could potetially sell it for a profit. MS even though they have tons of money their gaming division isn't as profitable as Sony's that's why your comment doesn't make much sense as to which one would be more at risk of not existing in the future, their have been plenty of rumblings of MS potentially getting out of gaming in the past because the xbox brand wasn't viewed by investors as profitable as they would like it to be. So yeah I would take that bet as to which company get's out of the gaming business first.

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conanlifts56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

They have the money to turn it around if they want. Should they continue purchasing more studios and start releasing numerous high quality games then they have a chance in most of the world. Japan is the biggest the biggest challenge for them, not sure what it would take to even succeed in Japan.

Of course they need to actually start proving themselves first though.

Saranya56d ago

This was a good points but, I wonder why did you take a lot of thumb down on your comment. I'm not surprised because it positive comments for MS.

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darthv7255d ago

I've said from the beginning that MS has wanted to make the xbox platform like their own Windows platform. Build a solid foundation for everyone else to come to and make products for. They had succeeded with making the 360 the 3rd party platform of choice but things did not transition well for the one.

They realized (rather late) that they cant just leave it at that. Release the system and let everyone else do all the work. I commend them for finally realizing the error of their ways and i welcome the positive changes they want to make going forward. They know this gen is a wash so it should be interesting how committed they are in the next.

PrematuaProcrastin8a56d ago

Remind me, since they entered the market, when Sony had a stranglehold, which companies market share has improved the most?

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SpaceRanger57d ago

They should try and get through 2018 first before even thinking of 2020. It was a snoozefest with only 2 big budget exclusives this year.

spicelicka56d ago

I think they've already accepted the L. 2018 is done and 2019 is looking about the same. Their investments won't pay off till 2020 at least. Gears of war and Halo are my 2 favourite franchises so I'm super hyped for Gears 5, but if you don't have interest in those or Forza I can't recommend an Xbox until 2020.

RizBiz56d ago

Assuming their investments ever will. M$ will probably end up cancelling their games half-way through development and shut down the studios.

XiNatsuDragnel56d ago

This won't change that fact Xbox is in 3rd place with gamers rn, all their moves are good so far, but we need to be shown what's cook for the next gen first beforehand.

PrematuaProcrastin8a56d ago

3rd place? By what metric? And do please tell me, which company is investing in first party games the most?

Rude-ro56d ago

After 17 years of Microsoft being in the console business.. A. This proves the point made. B. Why do the other two have to invest? They have ALREADY invested.. and they are out there getting massive praise for the software that is being made.

PrematuaProcrastin8a56d ago

@rude so you think you invest and then stop? They have been in the game shorter than the the other 2, and have made up ground on Sony and overtook Nintendo in the west. I think that's a successful endeavour. They finished neck and neck globally with the market leader last gen FFS. Keep fighting that imaginary console fight though, maybe 1 day you'll be able to go home to reality.

Chevalier55d ago

Overtaken Nintendo?! How so? The Switch is breaking records and is destroying Xbox One sales. Its about to overtake Xbox sales in just 2 years and their best games aren't even out yet. Nintendo and Sony 1st party output destroys Xbox. Whats worse is Nintendo in their 2nd year is already putting out more exclusives than Xbox in year 6.

Xbox has bought some studios, but, they have a lot more to prove than Sony and Nintendo since the quality and output in general for Xbox in general is pretty awful. Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 were awful. Its year 17 and all we hear from the same group of Xbox fans is oh just wait for E3 and just wait for the games to come rolling along. Newsflash by the time actual games come out probably around 2020-2021 that will be the 20th year of Xbox. While they're just starting up Sony and Nintendo has been producing new IPs for decades.

PrematuaProcrastin8a55d ago

@chevalier how would you know what games were awful? You haven't played them, and those would be subjective opinions, not facts. And please, show me where anyone says switch sales are about to overtake X1 sales. And don't give me vgchartz or some other Mickey mouse numbers. Oh yeah, you cant, because you are pulling words from your posterior. FYI, npd say the X1 has seen the most growth by far this year, and sales of the x1x alone have been, and I quote, "phenomenal".

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Duke1956d ago

MS just needs to get back to its roots with what made the original Xbox and 360 so great. The One X and One S are a great turnaround for this gen, will be interesting to see if they repeat the same missteps at the start of next gen.

Really don't think E3 is going to make or break anything

Rude-ro56d ago

Monopolizing third party games with marketing and timed content?
Because that was the “glory days” of the 360.

darthv7255d ago

Well it seems to worked well for Sony this gen. Why can't MS do it again?

Rude-ro55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

So you are trying to compare a reaction to an action that has damaged gaming?
And what has changed exactly?
How many third party games did Microsoft try to pinch into exclusive or year long exclusives?
Tomb raider?
Dead rising? A total of 2
Just because they backed off or could not secure third party timed content like last gen, does not mean they are not still at it.
The last two e3s were all about timed console exclusives.
We can have this conversation once Microsoft’s “new” studios start providing in house games... until then.. Sony reacted and yes, it worked out very well combined with their amazing award winning ips offered from in house.

darthv7255d ago

Well, since you asked. When Ms would do these timed exclusives, they did them to benefit their platform but more importantly they would not cut off the games from ever seeing the light of day on other platforms. So while you may scoff at things like tomb raider, it still came to the PS4 and improved I might add. So why did sony feel so threatened by MS that they had to basically do the same thing but this time fully cut off the other side all together?

Games like SFV, KoF and the like which have always been multiplatform and thrived on pretty much all platforms suddenly being cornered into one platform (2 if you count PC). Sony has paid to keep games off other platforms even going far back to the original PS1 so it really isnt anything new but to put Ms into the same category when that simply is just not true. Sure they may get timed exclusivity but the games still eventually come out.

And to be fair, a couple of the games that sony paid to keep exclusive would include the tomb raider sequels (which the first was built for Saturn and the sequel was to be multiplatform) and Resident Evil (again the first was also on Saturn and the sequel was to be as well). whenever anyone tries to paint MS as some evil in gaming because of their deals, they often forget that evil begets evil. Nintendo is guilty of it all during the 8 and 16bit years. Sega, Atari and yes your beloved Sony have all done it.

Rude-ro55d ago

Oh darth.. always off.
Tomb raider was not sonys deal.
The technology and development pushed it away from said console.
You can easily look this information up.

And are you really asking why did Sony retaliate? In a commercial business?

All companies have made deals.. but all companies also provide to said market. Not only for themselves, but also other developers.

But when you come into gaming, start monopolizing the market, and provide little to nothing other than self interest... well, one can start seeing the differences.

Microsoft’s entire history is laden with court appearances due to dirty marketing tactics and monopolizing against competitors.
This is why they were not welcomed with open arms from the gaming community.

4+ years into this gen.. and Microsoft has not made one single new AAA ip, limited third party games, and bought up second party studios.

This is business, so cool...
but if you think other businesses should just lay down and not fight back.. then I have no idea where you want this conversation to go.

Your greatest assets stand out the most.. Microsoft’s assets are said practices. That’s what people see.

Nintendo and Sony provide games as well as run their ships in the competing market... but since their games do all the talking.. that’s what a majority of gamers see.

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Thundercat7756d ago

I personally think the only reason the Xbox 360 got a boost was that horrible PS3 launch.

55d ago
bluefox75555d ago

Completely accurate. It wasn't a great console, and it's library paled in comparison to ps3's by the end of the gen. If Sony hadn't flubbed the launch, or decided to eat more of the production cost, ps3 would have went on to dominate just like they're doing now. People look back on past Xbox consoles with rose colored glasses.

andibandit55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

well yes in part, but i wouldn't put all of the X360's boost in the shortcommings of the PS3, I think it was actually an ok console when it released.

RizBiz56d ago

What exactly was great about the 360? o_O

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gangsta_red56d ago

2020? What happened to 2019?

crazyCoconuts56d ago

I didn't watch the video. But I would guess 2019 is some kind of PS5 announcement. Too early for the next Xbox (maybe they put out a streaming/discless XB1, not counting that). 2020 is probably when the PS5 will be available, so maybe it's MS's chance to convince people to wait for their console in 2021. It'll probably be a year later based on their new "most powerful" strategy. So the messaging/marketing in 2020 is critical to their 2021 launch and keeping people from jumping on the PS5 bandwagon... Just speculating of course...

gangsta_red56d ago

I don't think Sony will even be at 2019's E3. If anything MS has a nice little cushion to do whatever they want next year.

I personally think both Sony and MS will announce their next consoles in 2020 and have them available for the holidays.

MS has already stated that they're working on their next console, this along side the rumored streaming only console I feel they'll have something to show for 2020 as well as Sony.

With how good the One X is, MS already has a good base to start with for their next more powerful console.

And yes, this is all just wild speculation on my part also.

crazyCoconuts56d ago

There's some speculation that Sony might announce PS5 outside of E3. It's possible they release together, but I just can't see how Ms can keep their promise about being the most powerful console on the market without knowing exactly what Sony's going to release in advance.

gangsta_red56d ago

I don't think that promise extended past the Xbox One X of staying the most powerful. I could be wrong though. Maybe MS has something up their sleeve to keep that power gap between the consoles.

IMO i think that the next gen consoles will have the same or share very similar specs. I think for the next gen fight it'll come down to unique features, services and of course games.