Video Gaming's Best Opening Levels

Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of crafting a compelling gaming narrative perspective lie in engrossing people straight away. The following are the best opening levels that immediately grab fan attention and get players excited for the rest of the title.

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Fist4achin977d ago

There is nothing like a good opening sequence to hook you for the next however many hours it takes you!

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theshredded977d ago (Edited 977d ago )

Not a single MGS? what a scrub. MGS is a must when you mention opening levels. Deus Ex HR, Fahrenheit and Dead Space 2 also had great openings.

Sciurus_vulgaris977d ago

Uncharted 2, Mass Effect, GOW 3 and Bioshock have some of my favorite opening levels as well. Other favorites of mine are the openings of Prey (2006), Halo CE's The Pillar of Autumn and Timesplitters 2's Siberia level.

Movefasta1993976d ago

Bioshock 1, no game has nailed atmosphere like that in an intro, maybe dead space 1 and 2...maybe.

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