LittleBigPlanet Servers Are Up

MM writes "Cables have been connected, switches have haven flicked and buttons have been pressed. The servers are on, let the sharing commence!


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Pennywise5515d ago

NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chaosatom5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

just wait for lots of disagrees to happen all of a sudden.

There is lots of jealousy over LBP.

Edit: EXACTLY what I mean, lol.

n4gzz5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

I still can't download my kratos and spaceboy. But I got 19 % trophies so far :D

Montrealien5515d ago

the new vesions of the game are starting to arrive also, I just got my shipment. And with the servers up, let he madness that will be LBP commence!

Pennywise5515d ago

lol chaos - Look at them go...

No jealous users, you are right. It is not nice the servers are up... its better they stay down.

I have heard people talk trash about the servers not being up and it is PSN related. What these troll dont understand is that PSN has dedicated servers for LBP and they werent up cause the game was recalled(NOT DELAYED). These noobs cant understand the concept of dedicated servers.

mabreu5515d ago

This game is addicting. I currently have Dead Space and Bioshock but I haven't played either one since I got LBP on Saturday. I cant wait to play what other people created. Working on my first level design today. Please add me to your friends list, yal.

PSN: mabreu

SL1M DADDY5515d ago

Can't wait to upload my level.

Montrealien5515d ago (Edited 5515d ago )

who are these (noobs) your are talking about mr Wise? I wonder who gave me a dissagree. Might be one of them...haters!

I know i`m not jealous, just mad I can`t play at home, playing on the work PS3 though, I like it a lot. BTW, what`s you PSN? I can`t wait to see what a dedicated (enthusiast) as yourself will create, should be some amazing suff!

I guess the high score servers just went up also, I am posting top 10 scores, lol

work PS3 PSN is Microplay21, add me is you guys want to. ;D

Pennywise5515d ago

The noobs I speak of is anyone who bashes PSN as far as lag and such goes. 60 man Resistance runs smooth as hell. They also didnt understand servers had to be set up and plugged in to run LBP servers.

When did I ever claim I was a creative genius? I will create and try to make it cool so I can eventually get my platinum trophy... but I guess I will have to get very creative to get that!

Montrealien5515d ago

PSN has it`s issues, but it is a great service, nonetheless. Like Live, the idea is that you don`t let the opinion of these (enthusiats) get to you. ;D

add my PSN, and see you online! LBP is a great game!

Diamondwolf5515d ago

Holla at me. Can't get off work fast enough.

PS: I may have an extra Kratos code, I'll find out today, if I do, I'll do a trivia for it.

PSN: Diamondwolf

Tony P5515d ago

So sad to see so many disagrees and no comments to actually voice a reason why. Bad form.

As for the servers being up, let the sharing begin. I look forward to seeing a few inspired levels (on a friend's PS3, sadly).

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DeforMAKulizer5515d ago

W00T!!!!!!!!!!! =D
OMG!!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!! =D

INehalemEXI5515d ago

Not able to pick this one up till wednesday /sniff

good games to yall lucky ones.

FBl5515d ago

See you on the premier Online gaming network,PSN!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5515d ago

xBot Zombie Lemmings are Down(SOB,SOB)!!! ;-D

Raoh5515d ago

and i'm stuck here at work...........


i still have some of the story mode to unlock. going to try to run through that tonight as much as possible but its hard to not get on the servers instead.