Fallout: New Vegas Mod Sees Todd Howard and Pete Hines Crucified

The just-for-fun mod pokes fun at Bethesda’s heads by including them in the game.

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VenomUK55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Put this in the humour category.

As long as no actual threats are made to Hines or Howard then this is nothing to get worked up about. Although I suspect the major websites will be writing opinion pieces about toxic gaming culture and how gamers should leave the publishers alone.

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rainslacker54d ago

They're already being crucified in the community. Not physically of course, but certainly verbally. That said, I don't really encourage any kind of implication of violence against another actual person. Fictional characters, or historical representation is one thing, but real living people is quite another. I've seen satire comics which do this sometimes, but I don't really like that either.

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FloydianAndroid54d ago

I think it’s a bit tasteless, and besides, fallout 76 sales a s reviews is enough to make them pay. A lot of people say this and I’ll get called a liar, but I am done with Bethesda. Not because this is the worst game ever (which it’s not), but because it’s such a blatant attempt to getting cash for an unfinished and horribly broken game. It’s not “Bethesda charming bugs,” it’s a slap in the face to the fans and proof that they have no pride in delivering a quality polished title and are too lazy to make a new engine even for next gen games.

EazyC54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

You say it's not the worst game ever, but I really think 76 will go down in history as one of the worst AAA games ever made. NMS wasn't the same because it was done on a low budget by an unknown studio on their first outing, and ME: Andromeda was disappointing and buggy, but had an iota of creativity within it. Fallout 76 is an utterly incompetently made pile of piss. Combine that with a rabid fanbas who have a near cult-like worship of the developer, and you have one of the most bizarre, baffling videogame releases of all time.

FloydianAndroid54d ago

Obviously you’ve never played gene rain, agony, or verdun if you think 76 Is the worst lol it may be in the running for most disappointing, but not worst.

zodiac90954d ago

EA executives deserve this treatment more than Bethesda devs.

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