Patent indicates Sony's new handheld coming

The PlayStation Vita may not have been the success that Sony had hoped for, but PlayStation CEO John Kodera revealed earlier this year that the company has not completely abandoned handhelds. In an interview with Bloomberg, Kodera said that a link between a home console and a handheld is needed if Sony wants to succeed. The success of the Nintendo Switch will also not have escaped Sony and a new patent seems to suggest that something new is being worked on.

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XiNatsuDragnel591d ago

Very interesting application maybe like an extender for PS5 maybe?

Eonjay591d ago

It could just be an answer to the issue of inflating game space sizes. Carts are faster, hold more data and still maintain ownership rights other want us to relinquish.

fr0sty591d ago

Carts are exponentially more expensive than discs, and unnecessary considering many people don't even bother with physical copies (myself included) anymore. For a portable console, it would work, but otherwise it's more cost than benefit.

Purrfection591d ago

Sounds like the Switch 2 for your home. The PS5 will connect with a portable device (or your Dualshock 5 controller) or a separate peripheral device to play your PS5 in portable mode.

iofhua591d ago

fr0sty -

Carts also have exponentially faster load times than discs, and are completely worth the price.

My worst experiences in gaming were on the Ps3. A lot of the times they were listening to the disc thrashing around while waiting forever for my game to load.

Solid state memory is the future of gaming, not cheap shitty optical discs.

ILostMyMind591d ago

Like Vita does?

OpenGL591d ago

Cartridges do not have exponentially faster load times than discs, the Switch cartridges routinely get outperformed by even regular class 10 microSD cards in terms of load times. Most Switch games still have noticeable load screens and the Vita's load times were often very poor. The cost of a cartridge is also substantially higher per GB and given we've now already experienced two disc PS4/Xbox One games while most Switch cartridge games don't even use 16GB, it seems highly unlikely a PS5 would ever use a cartridge. My guess is they'll go to the new 128GB Blu-ray discs for PS5, there's just no way a cartridge of that size could be cost effective.

starchild591d ago

I hope Sony does something ingenuitive with a new portable. If they can somehow allow the portable to play PS3 or PS4 games that would be the fulfillment of what I've been talking about for a number of years. Maybe a new solid state format would allow for the size and speed for those kinds of games.

Nitrowolf2591d ago (Edited 591d ago )


That was a full gen ago lol, nothing runs off the disc now

Cartridges aren’t gonna catch on as long as they remain expensive and not as widely used in the real world versus other forms of media (ie downloading directly to ur hard drive)

Switch games aren’t even much faster with loading on 3rd party games, and in the cases they are, those games have been toned down in many areas so it’s not even a comparison

tehpees3590d ago (Edited 590d ago )

Cartridges are a lot less expensive than they were during the N64 era. Most 16GB Switch cartridges cost the same as an average 360/PS3 game when they launched. Cartridges are also a lot more flexible because they don't have a certain amount of space you have to fit the game to (DVD 360 discs).

The only games that load slower are games running on modern engines like ID Tech 6 and Unreal Engine 4. FighterZ most notably kills it for loading times but you can't deny L.A. Noire has seen a significant improvement because of the cartridge. When loading PS360 remasters it does the job better mostly.

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Shikoku590d ago


Yes they do. You cant use the Switch or Vita for any comparison both use property tech for those systems not to mention the Switch "cart" isnt a cart at all its just a property SDcard.

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sander9702591d ago

I think it's for a handheld console, we will probably just get regular discs for PS5.

Vizigoth04591d ago

Most importantly though for PS4 backward compatibility. If Sony decides to do cartridge based games maybe they'll be usable for both PS5 and a portable option versus docking and undocking like the switch. Sony can still put in a Blu-ray drive for PS5/PS4 games plus 4K movies. Keeping a variety in mediums.

anonymousfan591d ago

I swear I will never buy a PS5 unless it had backwards compatibility and a blu ray player. My backlog on PS4 is sooo bad I really want to carry those games over in the next generation.

sampsonon591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

@anonymousfan: "I swear I will never buy a PS5 unless it had backwards compatibility and a blu ray player. My backlog on PS4 is sooo bad I really want to carry those games over in the next generation."

and be stuck with xbox exclusives? lol ok.
you will be missing out on the best games of a generation.

plus, what happened to your ps4? and if you don't have one you're saying $199 is to much to buy another one?

you can buy a cheap Blu-ray that's better than anything in a console,

mcstorm591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

@sampsonon I get what your saying but I also get what he is also saying.

I mean if microsoft make all consoles backwards compatable from now on why would you not make the jump. OK you will miss out on some amazing exclusives but the Xbox also has some and this gamer may also play more 3rd party games so it dose not matter to them.

Think a little bit more open and not just exclusives as not everyone is like that and I'm one of them. My gaming styles are racers and platform and this gen the racer console is the Xbox and platformer consoles have been wiiu and switch.

As for a Sony handheld it will be intresting to see if they enter the market again as the vita was an amazing console but never got the backing from Sony or the 3rd party's. For me I will wait and see what happens with the next one as I jumped on the vita day one and got stung by the lack of support for the gore's I enjoy.

OpenGL591d ago

Yeah, the newest 128GB BD-XL seems like the most likely candidate for next-gen Playstation and Xbox.

DarXyde590d ago (Edited 590d ago )


So what you're saying is that your PS4 suddenly becomes unplayable for the backlog you've amassed once PS5 is released? Or maybe you're saying that you're so impatient that you will not complete your backlog on PS4 before getting a PS5 when it would benefit you more to wait until more software and potentially better prices are available?

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MoshA591d ago

You like fairy tail and your comments are always ridiculous

DivineBliss591d ago

@MoshA you said injustice 2 was the greatest fighting game ever made

Retroman591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

"Sony new handheld"

PsP switch 2

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Neonridr591d ago

"Rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it's necessary to continue thinking of [portable gaming] as one method to deliver more gaming experiences."

wow.. so basically how Nintendo has approached the Switch.

Nyxus591d ago

You could hook up the PSP to your tv, so it's not like it was a new idea to begin with.

Neonridr591d ago

This isn't talking about hooking up to your TV though. Just the idea that gaming doesn't need to be segregated. I don't discount the ability of the PSP to connect to your TV.

Nyxus591d ago

@ Neonridr: well it's the same principle as the Switch. A system that can be used as a handheld but also be hooked up to a tv as a console. Of course, Nintendo perfected this concept with the Switch, but it wasn't exactly a new idea (not that it matters).

slate91591d ago

Hooking up the PSP to your TV is the equivalent of hooking up your gameboy to the tv lol. The switch is in another league. Nintendo did their own thing and idea.

computeSci591d ago

Sega was way way ahead of its time :)

michellelynn0976591d ago

The PSP couldn't give you console quality games on the go. That's a joke. The Switch is the first to do it and as usual, it looks like Sony might rip Nintendo off.

Nyxus591d ago

@ slate: the only difference is the ease of use. The principle is the same.

Nyxus591d ago

@ michellelynn0976: for its time, it was console quality on the game. Same with the Vita. I mean, the Switch can't keep up with dedicated consoles either, so what's the difference?

Neonridr591d ago

again, this patent has nothing to do with hooking up to the TV. That was my point. They simply made a statement saying that we need to stop distinguishing gaming based on where it takes place. Handheld or hooked up to your TV, it's still gaming. Nintendo understands that, hence why the Switch is the way it is.

bluefox755591d ago

@Michelle They were console quality for the time though, yeah, it wasn't as powerful as the modern day consoles back then, but neither is Switch. Most current gen AAA games can't run on the Switch.

darthv72591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

NEC (TG16 / TurboExpress) and Sega (Genesis / Nomad) offered cross device compatibility where using the same game on the console and the handheld worked but you had to buy two devices to achieve that. The PSP offered direct connect to the TV but it was not an ideal way to play because you had to use the unit as the controller so it was cumbersome (to some extent).

The PSP Go would be the first unit to employ dock and play with away and play. It's actually quite funny how so many did NOT know it was capable of using a real controller for docked play (like the switch) or that it could even be docked to a tv at all (like the switch). I have my Go hooked up through the dock with component cables and I use the original SIXAXIS controller (since the DS3 would be pointless as the PSP games do not support rumble).

Where do people think Nintendo got the idea of making a hybrid system from??? Sony did it first while nintendo just improved upon the idea by making it work with both physical as well as digital media. That was the big downfall of the Go. no physical support and no option to trade in your physical games for digital equivalents but it certainly had enough space to support them. 16gb internal storage with support for an additional 16gb via the M2 slot.

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jelloaceomega591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

I'm pretty sure I played Crisis Core on the PSP, and that game runs like a ps2 game. at-least I get to play Dark Souls now on my Switch and that game was like from 10 years ago, and still looks good today. You know I wish the Switch was powerful enough to run Red Redemption 2 because the graphics on that game is really gorgeous, and I really want to play with me all the time. Maybe when they announce the Switch Pro, or Switch 2 in the future It will be powerful enough to play Red Dead Redemption 2.

Spartacus10591d ago

@ Neonridr
"Just the idea that gaming doesn't need to be segregated"
You would still be wrong to insist that the switch did it first. (not saying the vita did it first)

The problem with the entire concept, regardless of who does it, is that most devs and players arent going to be happy limiting the experience you can have on the big console for the sake of adding an option of portability which most people wont use.

I live in London and I havent seen a single person walking around with the Nintendo Switch, or the vita. But I have seen hundreds of people playing shitty mobile phone games that they're winning at even though they're half asleep and only using a thumb to play. The market for people willing to pay for a separate device to game on the go, even if the games are significantly better, is very small.

Sirk7x591d ago

You could, yes, but Nintendo made it very easy and put that feature into its identity. The dock is fast and easy. Slide it in, it's charging and immediately outputting HDMI. Click on the joycons, you're good to go after. Presentation is very important.

Segata591d ago

SEGA did this in 1995 with SEGA Nomad. Not to mention half steps like Super Game Boy and Turbo Express.

badz149590d ago

LOL at Nintendo fans claiming Nintendo invented everything gaming!

get out of here with your "The PSP couldn't give you console quality games on the go" BS! that's only true if you only consider 720p as "console quality". There were so many console quality games on the PSP. from what I've played alone

GoW CoO & GoS, R&C Size Matters, GTA LC Stories & VC Stories, Motorstorm Arctic Edge, Dexter, Dead Head Fred, Death Jr 1 & 2, GT Portable, MH Freedom series, Metal Gear PW, CC FF7, Ape Escape, even Tomb Raider Legends and so many more... and to hell with you if you don't consider these games as "console quality" on the go!

and the Vita has had Uncharted GA, Unit 13, KZM, Gravity Rush, Sly4 etc for another round of "console quality" on the go games ALL BEFORE the Switch.

The Vita was just released at a bad time considering Sony wanting to amend their mistake on the PS3 and capitalize fully on the PS4 hypetrain. they just don't have the capacity to support both platforms equally by the look of it and they ultimately chose the PS4 over the Vita. we can argue if that was the right decision but financially, it makes them thriving again as the PS division drives the profit for the company in recent years thanks to the major success of the PS4.

still a big slap in the face for the Vita supporters, though like myself. I loved my PSP (bought 3 of them) and its games. with the Vita, I expected more of the same but better considering the jump in power and capabilities. but the Vita never received the support it deserves and sad to see Sony finally decided to stop production which means fewer and fewer support from now on. remote play is nice and all but...the Vita could have achieved more.

DarXyde590d ago


"The PSP couldn't give you console quality games on the go. That's a joke. The Switch is the first to do it and as usual, it looks like Sony might rip Nintendo off."

Last I checked, PSP was damn close to PS2 level visuals, minus polygon count. Last I checked, PSOne games could be played on PSP. Let's not forget remote play, the PS Vita, and VITA TV.

Perhaps you just don't want to give Sony the credit, but some of Nintendo's recent "ideas" seem to be them applying patents and ideas Sony came up with beforehand and abandoned. Granted, Nintendo saw a great idea and capitalized on them and made them their own, but if copying is letting Nintendo assume the risk of testing the idea before they do it, sure.

And I'm not really criticizing Nintendo. I actually like them and appreciate the individuality they bring to the industry.

It's comments like yours that I find shortsighted.

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EddieNX 591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

Here's all the Sony fans claiming Sony did it first with the psp. Nomad, N64 gamepak, Gameboy player all allowed handheld games played on the tv.

It would be the biggest rip off in gaming history if Sony comes out with a Switch.
I doubt they will though. They just might have cartridges instead of discs for PS5 as in many ways, they're superior.

Nyxus591d ago

Just for the record, I'm not claiming Sony was the first to do this, they weren't. But neither was Nintendo.

darthv72591d ago

TG16 with the Turboexpress my friend. Using the same hucards on the console as you could on the handheld... that was cool. I used to play Military Madness all the time like that.

Harkins1721591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

Id be down for a PS5 switch. why would I not want to being my PSP/Vita games with me on the go and play them at home on the TV as well? This tech isnt new.

trooper_591d ago

When did anyone claim this?

crazyCoconuts591d ago

I'd hapilly buy that ripoff, but I don't see them doing it. They could have iterated on Vita but killed it and the reasons are still out there. A cheap streaming device or something could line up with their strategy, but you don't need cartridges for that...

591d ago
badz149590d ago (Edited 590d ago )


"They just might have cartridges instead of discs for PS5 as in many ways, they're superior."

Sony will just dump the format they have sacrificed so much for (PS3) to go for cartridges? LOL how does that make any sense? if you're forgetting, unlike Nintendo, Sony is also in the movie business. ditching Bluray for cartridges is like they are slapping themselves on the face. I still fully expect the PS5 to have UHD BD drive and support 200GB BD.

cartridges are fast and all but they cost too much especially for bigger storage ones. we've already seen the limitation of this media on the Switch with devs taking the shortcut by requiring downloads. I doubt Sony would follow suit especially with game sizes getting bigger and bigger. I just can't see cartridges holding 4K media just yet in the near future. plus, with the next gen fully expected to retain the x86 architecture, BC is a huge request by current owners. ditching the BD drive will rule out BC for physical PS4 games and I don't think they would want to enrage the consumers like that.

BVFTW590d ago

I'm pretty sure that Sony did the dock thingy first with the PSPGO, but Nintendo wasn't inspired by Sony for a Hybrid console-handheld, that is something they've pursued from a very long time, I remember an interview with Gunpei Yokoi in the 90s where he stated that, ultimately, he envisioned that console and handheld gaming would become one when portable technology has matured enough (He also was the mind behind Nintendo's "Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology" philosophy). It's a little sad that he couldn't see this future as he passed away a long time ago, but his legacy lives on.

DarXyde590d ago

I beg to differ. If Switch cartridges are any indication, storage space is tiny compared to Blu-ray. On top of that, for audio purposes, what kind of audio codecs would cartridge support? Cartridge would likely result in a lot of compression, which is a huge no-no in the age of 4K.

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Harkins1721591d ago

Do you have a problem with Sony taking a concept people like and integrating it into their system? Nintendo finally brought in a paid online. Should they be attacked for what people wanted?

591d ago
SublimeStylee2591d ago

Depends how much/if any power Is comprimised to achieve this. If it's an extension or inclusion? Too much speculation at this point.

conanlifts591d ago

but with ps4 games, not ps5 games. So the life of PS4 would be extended as games would support the new portable and the home console.

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THC CELL591d ago

Maybe for ps vr portable??

Tapani591d ago

You are onto something.

591d ago
crazyCoconuts591d ago

While I'd love for that to be the case, it just can't be done unless PSVR gets a significant downgrade in graphics (not likely). The self contained units are very low horsepower and not good for gaming. It'll take quite a few years before you can comfortably build even a PS4 into a headset.

Segata591d ago

Switch is as powerful as we can get for a handheld that won't cost $700+ for the time being. In 2022 Volta might be modified enough to be cheap enough and energy efficient enough to run on a battery for 2-5 hours and give a base PS4 levels of power for $300.

591d ago
591d ago
Akarogg 591d ago (Edited 591d ago )

A VR-capable PC needs a ton of powerful, expensive hardware to run it well with great graphics, I can't imagine how they are going to fit all of that inside of a PS Vita or Switch sized device for under $600-700+.

Dragonscale590d ago

Exactly, seems facts and logic escape some people.

Dragonscale590d ago

No, a portable wouldn't have enough power. Not the safest idea either.

Lilrizky590d ago

I didn't even consider that. I didn't really care for the other ideas but this.... sounds interesting.

Kratos_Kart2007590d ago

VR games are scary enough...Imagine a portable VR...YIKES!!! lol

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Sgt_Slaughter591d ago

This will have a safe and responsible comment section from both Nintendo and Sony fans.

TekoIie591d ago

To be honest this is more than likely going to amount to nothing. Just more research and testing for a potential product that may turn out to be not worth the effort after further R&D. We see it happen so often that its the most likely outcome.

MoshA591d ago

Dead Cells was disappointing. It's not a rouge like, I found myself using the same weapons in every playthrough, there's barely any. It's a metroidvania but you start from the beginning when you die lmao. No story. Final boss was a joke. Game has nothing on Isaac, Hollow Knight, Enter the Gungeon etc.

crazyCoconuts591d ago

I'm with you on this. Could be wrong of course but cartridges don't seem to fit with where Sony has been going...