Red Dead Redemption 2 Update Version 1.03 Is Out Now On PS4 and Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 update version 1.03 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One. What does it do?

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Gridknac1760d ago

No shit! They need to fix that asap!

EverydayJoe1759d ago

I thought it was just me. Got a new HDR 4k set on the 30th (a few days after release) and my 1080p set looked better with more vivid color. I guess I should have googled it. Ha

zahdab1760d ago

Played and finiahed the game and loved .... the hdr debacle didnt really feel like an issue at all this is not a colorful game by any means

TheGamingArt1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

It’s either because you’re slightly blind, are oblivious to quality, or have an extremely poor display. Either way, the washed out look is extremely noticeable and bothersome and not what one would expect from turning on hdr.

zahdab1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Sorry i dont have your high quality taste my friend i will try not to enjoy games without your approvalbnext time ...
Its a sony x930D was the best4k led at the time ... but what do i know ...

TheGamingArt1760d ago

It's a gift to not notice the blemishes like this. I envy you for that.

nucky641760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

thegamingart - so, you're that worked up by hdr???

edit - and it's anal retentive to fixate on something like this.

AspiringProGenji1760d ago

I have that same TV and the HDR indeed sucks. Go to Rodhes or the Heartlands and notice how HDR looks better turned off. It is a real issue, and this game is colorful.

zahdab1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Gosh i never said the game looks absolutely wonderful and has the best hdr implementation .... though for me playing it, the hdr was a non issue and It didn't hamper my enjoyment ... i loved the game and enjoyed and i felt the color gamut was toned down on purpose and it fit the mood of the game for me... if you don't want to play it and wait for a patch that was never promised it's up to you.

AspiringProGenji1760d ago

HDR is meant to enhance the base color gamut not the opposite, which is the case here. They didn’t purposely make RDR2 HDR to wash out the colors. That makes no sense

I love the game too but the HDR is not well implemented here. Stop being so defensive

slate911760d ago

It seems like TheGamingArt wouldn't have survived playing games in the 90s early 00s.

Realms1759d ago


You can turn off HDR and it looks way better I have my issues with the game it's far from perfect but stop acting like you can't enjoy the game because of bad HDR implementation.

zahdab1759d ago

Well in cases the HDR blur issue is ps4 pro specific, i had 0 blur issues on xbox one x ... though i generally never had issues on ps4 pro with other games.
@AspiringProGenji i am not being defensive whatsoever all i said is that this was not an issue for me ... i am entitled not to care about something you or TheGamingArt my care about, I merely said i played and enjoyed the game ... I didn't know about the HDR implementation until i watched the digital foundry HDR analysis video ... and i was not about to intentionally stop enjoying a game i was enjoying thus far just case digital foundry said so.
to each his own and my take on it... is I already enjoyed the game :)

Ceaser98573611759d ago

" the hdr was a non issue and It didn't hamper my enjoyment ... i loved the game and enjoyed and i felt the color gamut was toned down on purpose and it fit the mood of the game for me.."

Agree 100% . I actually turned my HDR Off and the game looks beautiful ...

rainslacker1759d ago

HDR isn't really about making a game more colorful. It's about making the pixels more dynamic with what color they do have. There are literally hundreds of thousands of colors within a single shade of color. HDR allows a closer approximation of a pixel to display what it actually appears as in it's original form, along with more information to allow those colors to stand out through better through more contract between pixels.

zahdab1759d ago

Again didnt say hdr makes a game more colorful... i said the game operates within a limited color range i dont see the lack of a proper hdr implementation having a drastic effect on it ... or having a meaningful increase in enjoyment levels

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UltraNova1760d ago

First thing in my mind too. I have stopped playing RDR2 in Ch 3 in anticipation of the HDR fixing patch. I did not spend all that hard earned money on my LG OLED HDR for nothing.

Dom_Estos1760d ago

Chances are you did for HDR, as OLED nit levels are a bit gash.

UltraNova1760d ago

The near perfect black produced by OLEDs amd especially on an LG makes up for the low nit outpout.

Muigi1760d ago

The game was created using a 8 bit map. For proper HDR you need a 10 bit color map. This game will never have good HDR. Just turn it off in the settings and enjoy the game thats what I and pretty much everyone did lol.

UltraNova1760d ago


I did turn it off the moment I saw Digital Foundry's video. I can still hope.

Tapani1760d ago

Same here, stopped playing because I'm waiting for the HDR patch. I should stop buying games at launch, but I always fail when the hype machine works its magic!

marioJP871760d ago

I need one of those babies from samsung!

Orionsangel1760d ago

Wow have we become spoiled. We expect so much more in 2018.

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RavageX1760d ago

I really don't know what to say if something like that stops you from enjoying a game.

UltraNova1759d ago

It has absolutely no bearing on my enjoyment of the game. Its simple really, its a game that will show what my tv can do if only they fixed HDR and I want to experience it in its full visual potential. Plus Christmas holiday is coming and I will have the time needed to really get into it they way I couldn't so. far. Its a win win for me.

1nsomniac1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I can see what people’s problem is with the HDR setting with RDR2 but I still much prefer it activated than not. The game looks awful with its cartoonish colour palette. The HDR setting has absolutely no HDR quality about it but it does use a far more natural colour.

Calms it down massively, but then we live in the ADHD generation so I can see people are going to have a problem with it.

william_cade1760d ago

I playing on a PS4 slim and a computer monitor. I looks better than almost every game I have played. I am trying to think about one that looks better. Maybe HZD? Maybe...