Become the Batman with the Batman: Arkham Collection on Xbox One

Neil writes: "Many moons ago - well 5 years to be exact - we saw a bundle of Batman games arrive on Xbox 360. It's name? The Batman Arkham Collection. Well, many battles have been and gone since those days and now we're seeing a similarly titled bundle swoop on to Xbox One. The difference? This Batman: Arkham Collection promises to bring together the definitive versions of Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy games."

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hades07870d ago

Would be nice if they included Arkham Origins in these collections. Its a great game with an amazing story.

870d ago
TheEnigma313870d ago

Origins is very underrated.

Srhalo870d ago

This game is also on PS4.

Why don't xbox sites have to follow this sites tagging rules but PlayStation sites do?

Seems a little biased.

Anorexorcist869d ago

Isn't this just the Batman; Arkham Returns collection with Arkham Knight included??? It seems so, which makes this new "collection" a complete money-grab against the gullible.