MS: Avatars don't lend themselves to hardcore titles

Good news for those of you worried about the possibility of seeing Avatars running around in future versions of games like Call of Duty - Microsoft's admitted that the upcoming NXE feature "doesn't lend itself" to some hardcore titles.

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Fishy Fingers4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

No and they dont tend to lend themselves towards the "hardcore gamer" following MS managed to achieve with the 360. I absolutely detest the avatars, I think they are the worst idea MS has had for the 360. Basically they're trying to attract the casual audience, but they seem to have completely forgotten or even betrayed their current largest denominator, us, the "hardcore".

Maybe you feel differently, but personally, the more and more I start seeing of these avatars the less I'm going to want to turn on my 360. I prefer the standard gamercard, even if it is a picture of my mates ass, thats better than these avatars. Anyone know if there will be the option to complete eradicate them from your system? I hope there is.

PirateThom4277d ago

I agree with this, they seem to have been shoehorned into the OS just for the purpose of casual gamers. I will be sticking with the blades (unless Microsoft lied and it's not an option) because not only do I hate the avatars, I hate this whole iTunes/Wii GUI... wouldn't be Microsoft if they weren't ripping off Apple.

ultimolu4277d ago

I personally think the blades are better.

badz1494277d ago

so...why can't anybody enjoy this as a free stuff? I don't think the avatars will start killing your dogs or something once there are released, right? I also don't think people will laugh at you if you have them on screen but if they start appearing in games like the Miis, then that's what I would love to call HUMILIATION!! if that happen, better of and go buy a Wii instead!

hmm...(imagine controlling avatar in Gears2!)...OMG, I'm gonna be SICK!!

ArmrdChaos4277d ago

You will only be required to create one the first time you log on. After will most likely not see it again unless you wish. The good news is that MS is not forcing this on publishers and recognizes the fact that it is not always appropriate to game type. I would imagine if you stick to hardcore games it will never be an issue. Should you play a non-hardcore game and see them then I guess you have no reason to b*tch since your not really hardcore gaming at that moment.

Bombomb4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

that do now own xbox 360s with opinions on something they not know much about..

who cares what ya think. your not part of the xbl community.

ultimolu4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

...Bomb, what a fanboyish statement.
I have played on the 360 before. That's how much you know about me.
So I have to be part of the group in order to say I think the blades look better?


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pp4277d ago

I can't wait to get my Avatar.its going to be my little buddy.

Pennywise4277d ago

I bet you have been waiting for a little buddy. Funny your first buddy is a pixelated avatar and not a real person.

Might say something for your social inabilities.

PotNoodle4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

You're going to need it - because once your friends find out about your new little buddy, they'll all see you for the sad little boy you really are and ditch you.

If i can avoid making an avatar i will, but if not - it looks like i'll just have to make something that looks really stupid to try and down play the whole thing as a joke.

The hardcore image will be gone when this update comes out, the way i looked at the consoles was (Based on present and future titles):

Wii: Casual
360: Hardcore
PS3: Hardcore with a hint of casual.

mabreu4277d ago

I think PS3 should be labeled as Mainstream.

4_real4277d ago

why r u guys so sour? i mean.. who cares! jus go play yer PS3's instead.

Kyur4ThePain4277d ago

I see your second post on N4G isn't any better than your first.

PirateThom4277d ago

I hardly spend any time on my 360 as it is, and this doesn't exactly make me want to spend much more time on it.

Dragunov4277d ago

You will be the little buddy of your avatar

pp4277d ago

This is what's called pure jealousy coming from ps3 droids now go back waiting for your home.

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