15 Trilogies That Have Come and Gone While We Wait for Kingdom Hearts 3

Greysun M writes "Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally gone gold and we can't help but think about how long we've been waiting for a proper numbered entry in the series."

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FallenAngel198485d ago

The 8th gen is the only generation where there wasn’t a new AAA trilogy released

NecrumOddBoy84d ago

I'm actually trying to think of some but it is pretty hard. Most trilogies have seem to cross the generation. I guess technically there was Crash Bandicoot LOL and Forza Horizon 2 through 4.

Neonridr85d ago

but the wait is almost finally over..

PhoenixUp85d ago

You’re really stretching by saying Dead Rising had a trilogy

CrimsonWing6984d ago

Is that because it’s a quadrilogy?