The Best Xbox One Console Exclusive Games

GameSpew: Despite popular opinion, the Xbox One has plenty of quality exclusive games. Here are the ones which we think are the best.

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SolidGamerX57d ago

Its not "popular opinion" its a verifiable fact xbox has no exclusives all of its games can be played somewhere else.

timotim57d ago

While Xbox One has very little exclusives, Xbox and Microsoft has very many of them, including of the highest rated games this year in Forza Horizon 4. Microsoft willingly puts these games on Windows 10 because it is also one of their own platforms. The fact that you can play an game you might find on Xbox One on Windows 10 is a plus to both consumers and Microsoft alike. For consumers because of Play Anywhere and for Microsoft because in either case they are both Xbox first party games. To play their games "somewhere else" means Windows 10...and that means you are still supporting Microsoft and Xbox...

Elda57d ago

One AAA exclusive that's a racer through out this entire year is pretty lame.

timotim57d ago

Whether its lame or not, is not the question. The fact remains that Forza Horizon 4 IS one of the highest rated games of the year and you can play it on both Windows 10 and Xbox One as an Xbox exclusive. Buy it on PC or doesn't matter, either way it is a Microsoft/Xbox exclusive that you can't play outside of Microsoft's own platforms...and either way Microsoft gets your money equally.

And please stop with the "its a racer" comments haha. Like it being a racer means its less of a game somehow...

Larrysweet57d ago

Fh4 is not even close highest rated lmao thatd be read dead 2 and sonys exclusives nice try

Elda57d ago

A racer may be fine & all but the XBO hasn't had any AAA exclusives since 2016 which was Gears 4,if I was a proud XBO owner I would be pretty bummed not having any other AAA exclusives for the past 2 years. I wouldn't even mind some exclusive Jrpg's or some interesting niche exclusive titles but nothing else exclusive but 2 mediocre indies & a racer this entire year & nothing but Cuphead,PUBG & a racer last year is pretty disappointing.

timotim57d ago (Edited 57d ago )


Reading comprehension is very important my friend. I didn't say it was the highest, I said one of the highest and I said THIS YEAR. I don't know of these "Sony exclusives" you chose to lump together in your post but the only Sony exclusive to rate higher than FH4 THIS YEAR was God of War...

Nice try though

I just named one...FH4 haha, you can keep trying to dismiss it all you like, won't change the fact that FH4 is AAA, one of the highest rated games of this year and an Xbox exclusive title.

Elda57d ago

You're still dismissing the fact that its just a racer the same AAA racer with different numbers that came out every year on the XBO since the XBO released. For 2 whole years the XBO has had no other interesting AAA fun games to play,no exclusive AAA...shooters...action...hack & slash...rpg's..adventure or action/adventure games.No matter how high rated Forza was this year there were no other 2018 (including last year) highly rated exclusives along side Forza which is disappointing to say the least.

timotim57d ago

Buddy stop...this just a racer thing is a cop out from fanboys to use because they can't say anything bad about the game. FH4 is a masterpiece and with each new edition, the game has rated higher and higher over the course of the you understand how hard that is to pull off? Name me a franchise...ANY franchise that has sequentially rated higher over the course of 4 games??? Ill wait! The truth is you want it to be "just a racer", but the reality is, its one of the best games of the year and will go on to win racer of the year by many publications. The franchise single handedly changed the landscape of racers over the generation and cemented itself as the best of the best.

Typical tactic...see how you're trying to changed the nature of the conversation over to how many exclusives...I was never arguing how many exclusives...this article isn't either...its talking about THE BEST Xbox exclusives...FH4 is such a title. Your opinions of the games Microsoft has released over the past 2 years are neither here nor there to doesn't matter what game I say, you will attempt to dismiss it like you have everything else, but you are incorrect...Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Forza Motorsport 7 and Halo Wars 2 all released within the past 2 years...

57d ago
SolidGamerX56d ago

That's all great, doesn't change what I said.

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Shineon57d ago

yeah but just like PlayStation one games Xbox one games won’t play on PlayStation 4

Spikeantestor57d ago

It's true that the Xbox has no exclusives in the technical sense. But really, for many people, console gaming is the only one they entertain as a possibility. So in effect, console exclusivity is virtually the same thing as technical exclusivity.

And I don't mind this. I always assume that something being available on PC is a separate question from exclusivity. It may not be technically true but for someone who plays mostly/only on consoles, it might as well be.

UltraNova57d ago

The fact that you have to zoom to 200% to actually see the difference in the xbox X vs Ps4 Pro on the same game is considered a valid argument, then surely the "technicality" of exclusives is as well. That's reality my friend.

SolidGamerX56d ago

"console exclusivity is virtually the same thing as technical exclusivity."

Technically that's wrong but whatever makes you feel better.

King_Noctis57d ago

How do you play Xbox one game on ps4, Switch, or mobile?

oasdada57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

maybe u just dont wanna play them? was excited about sunset on pc but damn that game is repetitive and bland! and all the jokes so far fall flat

and fyi i can get across the city without touching the ground.. so no! im not bad or mediocre at the game! all my weapons are at level 5 already and im half way thru the game

oasdada57d ago

love ori though! cant wait for the sequel

SolidGamerX56d ago

You don't you play them on PC hence they're not exclusive.

XtaZ57d ago

Yeah huge thanks and props to Microsoft for this. Too bad Sony won't give people a choice where to play their games and forces everyone to play their games on their terrible console/paywall.

SolidGamerX56d ago

"terrible console", that just happens to be the best selling console with the best and highest rated real exclusives, do you guys even think before you post your nonsense? Too bad you tried to troll and failed.

XtaZ56d ago

@Solid. Sales and exclusives doesn't change the fact that the PS platform is absolute garbage and inferior to the competition is pretty much every single way. Sony's consoles are nothing more than a exclusives paywall and their closed archaic ecosystem benefits no one and is just a huge negative for their games as a whole because those games could have performed and be played better elsewhere with less restrictions. There was no nonsense and zero attempts at trolling in my posts, just cold hard facts that seems to have hit a nerve because you are in denial and just lack basic logical comprehension.

Pantz57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Always people say for Xbox Or even Playstation that they can just play those games on PC. Well do it then. Most of the time they never back up that statement. They never actually play them on PC, they just say that to try and be hurtful.

SickSinceSix57d ago

I've played Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3 and recently Sunset Overdrive on Steam, Ori and the Blind Forest and Cuphead on GOG Galaxy and Forza Horizon 3 from the Windows store, got a pretty sweet deal on it with all its DLC included in a sale.

They've all been fun games and platform wars are pretty stupid but if the games are available on PC, they're not true exclusives, it's as simple as that.

timotim57d ago


It is true...some games that started out as Xbox One exclusives did eventually go multiplatform. You have named a few. However, that happens in all consoles and all companies. I could just as easily name Crash Bandicoot, Nier, Ni Oh, Yakuza and every PS exclusive game on PS Now for PC...but then things instantly get a little testy.

FH4 is multiplatform...however, it is also Xbox exclusive. Notice I didn't say Xbox ONE exclusive...but Xbox exclusive. Obviously, not exclusive in the sense that its for one platform only...exclusive in that you can only play it through Xbox needing an Xbox account to do so. Games you've mentioned like Sunset Overdrive, Rise and Dead Rising are not Xbox exclusive games because you can play them outside of the Xbox ecosystem...however, not so with games like FH4, FM7, Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 2 etc.

Again...if all your talking about is "games available on PC", then Uncharted 123 isn't exclusive, Last of Us isn't exclusive, God of War titles aren't exclusive...the list goes on. And for the like Ori and Cuphead were never announced as Xbox exclusive...that would be like saying Street Fighter, No Man Sky and others are exclusive either...they were never announced as such.

SickSinceSix56d ago


The Xbox store was replaced with the games being sold from the Windows store now instead, still Microsoft but it's no longer called the Xbox store on pc.

If the argument could be made that FH4, FM7, Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 2 etc. are still Xbox exclusives because they're still in the Xbox ecosystem, the same argument can be made that PS exclusives that are now available to stream on PS Now are still exclusives since they can't be played outside of the PS Now app, unless on an actual Playstation console. Food for thought.

timotim56d ago (Edited 56d ago )


"If the argument could be made that FH4, FM7, Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, State of Decay 2, Halo Wars 2 etc. are still Xbox exclusives because they're still in the Xbox ecosystem, the same argument can be made that PS exclusives that are now available to stream on PS Now are still exclusives since they can't be played outside of the PS Now app, unless on an actual Playstation console."

Exactly. Which is why I said what I said. It is you who has to understand what you want to call exclusive to an ecosystem and what is truly multiplatform. If FH4, FM7 and the like are no longer exclusive to Xbox (even though they are Xbox titles), then every game on PS Now is no longer exclusive to PS (even though they are still PS titles). Do you see my point yet? Not as simple as you wanted it to sound, was it?

And for the record, it was never called the Xbox store on doesn't need to be however. Its not about what the store is called...its about what you're buying in it. FH4, FM7, Gears 4, Halo Wars 2 etc...these are Xbox ONLY titles bought in the store. In fact, when you buy it in Microsoft's store you get both the PC and console game once, play anywhere. Its apart of the same remains exclusive to Xbox.

PS Now titles are multiplatform because you can play them on multiple platforms...they are however still PS exclusives because you cant play them outside of the PS ecosystem.

SolidGamerX56d ago

Always people make the claim that people who say they can play xbox games on PC don't because apparently it hurts their feelings that people can and often do and they just say that they dont to make themselves feel better. How would you like them to "back up the statement" Pantz, should they send you videos of themselves playing on their PC's?

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timotim56d ago

But it does because you said Xbox has no exclusives...this is incorrect. Despite being wrong with your statement that "all of its exclusives can be played somewhere else", which games like Dance Central Spotlight and Halo 5:Guardians prove, you are also wrong in your implication. Had you said Xbox One, then I wouldn't have replied...but the fact that you said XBOX has no exclusives, is what I took issue with. Ya see Xbox does in fact have many exclusives and that will continue.

Heres a very simple example...if you have a game release by Sony for all the PS3, PS4 and Vita...does it cease to be a PS exclusive, even though its technically on multiple platforms??? And please, right off the top, a simple yes or no is all that's required need to attempt to change the topic...just answer the question...

timotim56d ago

That's what I thought...

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Poopmist57d ago

I'm 95% sure these articles get submitted to bait the users on this site

FyBy57d ago

I recently bought Xbox One X with FM7 and FH4 in decent bundle pack with great price. These games are great, so I started to look after other great games, that I can play on XOX and that are not on PS4 Pro. Soooo, in the end I downloaded Red Dead Redemption 1, Gears of War 1-4, Halo Master Chief Collection :-) (so mainly x360 games). Theres also lot of other good games. But in terms of "epic" games theres really not so much to crave about. But for new xbox brand owner these old xbox one (x) enhanced games are really great and good reason to buy into this system. And of course, there are ton of games on both platforms.

timotim57d ago

I would suggest looking into Sunset Overdrive, Quantum Break, Halo 5, Ori and the Blind Forest, Alan Wake, Ghost of a Tale, and in all honesty...Panzer Dragoon Orta. Its an original Xbox game, but don't let that fool you...its been X enhanced in native 4K and looks amazing...great game.

FyBy57d ago

Thank you sir for your recommendation. I will definitely be looking into it.

If I compare ps Vs Xbox , one very good thing about ms store is ability to filter local coop games. You can't do that in ps store. And about game pass...I think it's really good service. It really makes sense. Also EA access is great if you usually buy their franchises every year. I think I could do only with them :-).

Quetza57d ago

Oh come on. Xbox and exclusive do not come together, unless foi are talking about the 360 os the Classic.
I have all Xbox console and I'm quite disappointed with the exclusives on Xbox One.

cha0sknightmare57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

Personally, Cuphead and Ori are the best fun i've had on Xbox all gen.

Halo 5 felt good, but the story left a lot to be desired. Gears 4 looked great but felt tired, the new enemy types felt like shameless reskins. Both Halo and Gears also had multiplayer focused on MT's and lootboxes. I liked earning my stuff fairly in the older games.

Sea of Thieves felt dry, empty and souless. Should have been F2P.

Sunset Overdrive was fun, but didn't feel like a full AAA title.

ReCore was garbage.

TitanFall had alot of stock put into it by Microsoft, but just couldn't deliver how they were hoping.

State of Decay 2 felt like an unpolished AA game, being sold and marketed as a AAA.

Rare Replay is a decent package for the asking price.

Killer Instinct, is OK at best.

Halo Wars 2 is alright... nothing spectacular, but at least it gives XBOX a Strategy game exclusive, which is nice for variety.

Quantum Break and Ryse both had a lot of promise, but just didn't quite hit the mark.

Master Chief Collection had its issues, but is a great package. Gears Ultimate was also a decent game for it's asking price.

Forza is always solid.

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