Michael Pachter on the PS5, Problems with Netflix for Games, and Future of Fortnite

On this week's episode of The 1099 Podcast, a research analyst at Wedbush Securities, the host of the Pachter Factor, and one of the biggest names in the business of games, Michael Pachter, joins host Josiah Renaudin for a deep dive into the current state of the industry. The two tackle the release date of next-gen consoles, the problems with the concept of "Netflix for games," the success of Fortnite and what it means for the rest of the industry, the state of Nintendo, and Sony pulling out of E3.

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lxeasy2054d ago

do people really still listen to this joke?

neutralgamer19922054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )


He was wrong about GTA series selling well. He originally said gta 3 would sell 300k

He was wrong about Xbox one outselling the ps4

But I like him because he is right many times too and provides inside behind the scenes info

On topic

Digital will become the future but physical will still remain at 25% or above meaning publishers won't give up 25% of their revenue

jukins2054d ago

Lol only ignorant gamers ignore Pachter. You dont become and stay a wed Bush research analyst by constantly being wrong

fiveby92054d ago

Just fanboys who don't care for his take on the industry. Sure I don't always agree with his comments but clearly, an investor might look at his comments through a different prism than a consumer.

BizarroUltraman2054d ago

except analysts are wrong more than 50% of time...haha

jukins2054d ago

@bizarroultraman so tell me what patcher was wrong about on this podcast. I'm willing to bet you havent even listened to it and you're just another mindless drone who's jumped on the patcher is always wron bandwagon. As I said it's not often you stay employed by one of the biggest financial investment companies let alone be allowed to very public with your opinion and consistantly be wrong.

rainslacker2054d ago

I can't imagine that these are the things he tells his investors, because he is wrong quite often on some rather important things related to investment.

Most of these shows are more just general analysis on things that investors don't look at as much. They're about as meaningful as what anyone around here might say, except the people around here often are more in tune with the bigger pictures. The community is often wrong on general business stuff though....usually in the things where they presume a game is going to fail because they're upset about something that might be going on.

RememberThe3572054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

He doesn't talk about what he actually does for webbush because he's paid for that, all this other stuff is him just spit balling. People seem to take his opinion more seriously than he does, there's a reason he says this stuff for free.

conanlifts2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Yes he is knowledgable but he also has a tendency of saying incorrect things, that are often controversial, Simply to stay relevant.

I should add though that in this case the podcast is not too bad.

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Realms2054d ago

LOL. He's has a bad track record in predicting trends in the video game industry maybe he should stick with what he knows. As far being an analyst for a major firm doesn't mean jack plenty of people make a name for themselves and then coast by sometimes in business it's not what you know but who you know.

jukins2053d ago

@realms so you could easily tell me what hes been wrong about right? Because hes predicted price drops mid gen consoles leaked a few games. I mean to claim someone has a bad track record you should easily be able to tell me about this bad track record.

Also how does being a long term top ELECTRONICS analyst for one of the worlds top financial service companies mean jack shit? If he was out here really giving out bad electronic info he'd been sacked by wedbrush along time ago.

Realms2053d ago

@ jukins

I'm not going to waste my time researching every single time he's been wrong because there are too many, you can if you wish to just know he's been wrong plenty otherwise people wouldn't be criticizing what he says. He might be a brilliant analyst predicting other trends but as far as video games go he's more wrong than right that much I know after seeing what he has to say on certain topics.

jukins2053d ago

@realms exa fly what I thought. You shouldn't have to "research" his failed predictions when you say he has a bad rack record of this. And again I say he is an electronics analysts which includes video games so again please tell me what hes been so wrong about that hes continued to be employed by one of the top financial service companies AND allowed to publicly state his opinions on a podcast. You wouldnt be able to do that unless you were good.

It's amazing how ignorant you guys are just jumping on the patcher is wrong bandwagaon cant tell me 1 or two of his supposed bad track record statements. You know why? Because you've never read or heard anything patcher said. You're just blindly following the crowd.

Honestly last thing I can remeber patcher being dead wrong about was at the start of this gen when he, and many other analysts, predicted xbox would be the leader this gen. But really you should actually hear what patcher says instead of just joining the crowd. Lol bet you dodnt even listen to this podcast. What he say about Netflix for gaming? Or the ps5? Or fortnite? Funny how you lot says hes constantly wrong but have no idea what he even says.

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LandoCalrissiano2054d ago

No, they prefer insightful positive comments like yours.

crazyCoconuts2054d ago

For those of us that can't listen right now, what's the problem with Netflix for games?

capjacksparrow2054d ago

I haven't listened to it, but the one thing I can think of off the top of my head is the reduction in quality triple A single player games. Make no mistake, Netflix makes some great content, but I still want my games like God of War. It will mostly be about games with recurring transactions or quick, cheap single player games with less development time.

Cmv382054d ago

Probably the business model it's self. Netflix is great for cord cutters....but what is the gaming equivalent to that?

Im just speculating.

Eonjay2054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

The problem is that Netflix doesn't get new movies for like 8 years and the newer content they get that they don't produce themselves goes away after a year. There is a service that offers all new content, including movies day and date offered by Direct TV but it is $7500 a year. The reason is that the distributes don't want to get screwed so in fact Direct TV has to pay $5.99 every time you watch a movie (and full price for Pay Per View). Think of Game Pass' Microsoft games as Netflix Original. Now, in order to get all content day and date the subscription would cost $40 - $50 a month at an absolute minimum. That isn't sustainable. $99/Month is a more realistic sub fee and thats a no go.

This is exacerbated because publishers think this is the future and some, namely EA are going to make a new subscription (on top of EA access) for FIFA and Battlefield and try to go it alone. So, because no one in their right mine is gonna pay $50 a month on a single sub, you are gonna get separate companies try to become their own Netflix. If you have Xbox Live, Game Pass, EA Access and EA GP, you are already looking at $35-$40 a month.

You can only extract so much money out of consumers and if they don't accept it, the service fails. Publishers aren't gonna split $10 a month with Microsoft for all of their content... you know because money.

Christopher2054d ago

***The problem is that Netflix doesn't get new movies for like 8 years***

That's insanely false. Maybe they don't get the ones you want, but they get Disney movies right now and have deals with others to get their movies as well within a year after theatrical release.

With more people focusing on their own streaming services, including the cable movie channels, it's only to be expected that everything will remain segregated, but let's not make up lies to make it look much worse than it is.

Let alone that many of the 'Netflix' shows nowadays are international made content that is now licensed only via Netflix as they become the official distributor of that content in the U.S. Like the BBC The Guardian is a Netflix only show because they distribute it in the U.S. Same with many International movies.

rainslacker2054d ago

I'd pay $50, potentially $100 if it was downloadable, a month if it meant all content being released by all companies came day one. Heck, even if it came a month later. I easily spend 200-300 a month by picking and choosing what I want that month.

That said, I'd be in the minority, and for a service like this to offer this, you'd have to have a fairly significant install base, and it probably would essentially be where the service provider is paying for each game payed, and them banking on the hope that people don't play that many games....which seems counter-intuitive to someone willing to pay that much.

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Dragonscale2053d ago

Infastructure. Not everyone has 100mbps connections. Even in the US lots of people have mediocre Internet.

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Starman692054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Pachter is cool 😎.

RizBiz2054d ago

I have on numerous occasions. Dude owns a fancy boat and often takes it out with Markus Beer and talks about gaming while drinking expensive scotch.

SuperSaiyanGod412054d ago (Edited 2054d ago )

Didn't this guy patcher say PS4 wasn't gonna win npd these last few months? Lol

Mr_Luke2054d ago

Why do people vote for this clown and these stupid articles?