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NE: “Warframe has found an audience on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Now the game has come to Switch. Is the Nintendo Switch version a worthy port?”

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EddieNX 865d ago

Its amazing that this looks so good In handheld mode. Definitely going to get I to this sooner or later.

Gemmol865d ago

It's good u shud play now

LaWiiG865d ago

Can you pair up through friend code?

wonderfulmonkeyman865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

It's amazing that the connection is so stable so often.
Been playing it since it launched on Switch, and I've only had one single instance, playing with others, where I had to back out and find a more stable group.
Of course, I love the fact that this game also supports those that like to solo, and even gives some objectives and side-tasks that are best done solo.
Fishing, and gem mining in the Plains of Eidolon [a free-roam open-world area], are a nice change of pace from constant mission runs.

EddieNX 865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

Yh from what I played it seems fantastic, if I see you online I'll message you. Just finishing 1 or 2 games atm , RDR2 and Pokémon .

Can't wait to sink my teeth Into it, seems almost too good to be true as a f2p game.

LaWiiG865d ago

Right? Very surprising. Both docked and handheld run very smoof.

wonderfulmonkeyman865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

Mastery rank 3; I've been taking my dear sweet time with the game so I only just barely got my Archwing.
I wish other games had space combat that smooth and natural-feeling.
My one regret is that they're mission-specific; you can't just pop on an Archwing in ground missions and fly around as you please.
Which I guess makes sense since you'd become completely OP if that were the case, but still, I'd love to someday see a minor or limited form of them that we can use in the freeroam areas.

wonderfulmonkeyman865d ago

I don't go by this sn when playing online, so if you don't know mine you can send me a pm sometime.

EddieNX 865d ago

Is it SB LINK?

I added a few people on this site when the Switch first released.
My name on Switch is EddieTMX

wonderfulmonkeyman864d ago

You're already on my friends list then.XD

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Xristo865d ago

Awesome to see this game looking so good and doing so well on all systems. I won't lie, it took me like five tries to get into it, but now I'm hooked (PC). Between this and Path of Exile, F2P doesn't get much better!

LaWiiG865d ago

You see that Path of Exile diablo joke? XD