Super Smash Bros. Ultimate censors one of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's main characters

Apparently Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will censor the design of one of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's main characters.

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AnnaDea1272d ago


Must protect our children!

StormSnooper1270d ago

Guns don’t kill people cleavage does.

darthv721269d ago

hell yeah it does. Havent you heard of Letha Weapons???

Gamist2dot01269d ago

There should be mass bewbs, not shooting.

drpepperdude1270d ago

I mean if they are willing to censor characters wearing American Indian attire for a millisecond because a few people were triggered I don't see why they wouldn't be willing to censor anything as long as someone is triggered.

Enturax1270d ago

They even censored her legs, lol

BlahBlahWhatever1272d ago ShowReplies(4)
Dabigsiebowski1270d ago

I mean this is a Nintendo game after all. I'm sure people weren't truly expecting them to go all out for a game designed for everyone (including young kids)

vork771270d ago

but the character was not censored on the main game

Dabigsiebowski1268d ago

The main game also probably had a higher rating? Isn't smash bros E while xenoblade is T?

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Sm00thNinja1272d ago

Ok this is pretty absurd actually