Williams Pinball: Volume 2 Will Be Censored On Consoles, Uncensored On PC

Zen Studios’ Williams Pinball: Volume 2 DLC pack for Pinball FX3 on home consoles will be censored.

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GrizToof821d ago

This is out of control, look what the super sensitive, ultra triggered people have done..... Your censoring of the world is working. Congratulations, now cover your eyes and open your mouth just in case something offensive comes by.

rainslacker820d ago

Think this is due to them wanting to maintain an E10+ rating, so wasn't systematic censorship, but a decision on the publishers part.

I'm not sure why they aren't worried about that on Steam though. The graphics in question would just change it from E10+ to Teen, and I doubt that the higher rating would really affect sales that much.

It's fine if they want to include a family mode, but realistically, this is the dumbest censorship I've seen, because it's s single graphic that really wasn't really all that bad to begin with.

agent4532820d ago

WoW! PC gets the uncensored version but consoles get the censored version ouch

Purrfection820d ago

They need to protect the children.

Tross820d ago

You'd think parents should worry more about protecting their kids from worse things than high-cut leotards, but nope. This is the thing they might worry about, so companies should always censor it. /s

yeahokwhatever820d ago

your comment looks like it was generated by a bot.

BlackDoomAx820d ago

A virtual pinball game censored. In 2018. What a time to be alive.