Art director on why Zelda's art style constantly changes, and how Breath of the Wild's look was made

The Legend of Zelda series has experimented with many different visual styles over the years. Nintendo aimed for realism with Twilight Princess, but before that, Wind Waker offered a completely opposite feel with its cel-shaded look.

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drpepperdude14d ago

I still prefer the Twilight Princess version he looks closer to an adult rather than a kid. But I'm sure the target audience is little kids so the change makes since.

cha0sknightmare14d ago

I prefer Twilight Princess style to I must say.

wonderfulmonkeyman14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

The target audience for this is core action-adventure gamers, mostly young adults, considering most "little kids" would die so often, or get so frustrated at the lack of handholding throughout most of the game, that they'd give up quickly.

Don't judge a game's userbase by its graphics.

King_Noctis14d ago

I would love to see a little “kid” play and finish BOTW.

Xaevi14d ago

much prefer Twilight's look, and still like to see something like the Zelda U tech demo. I like BotW's art style but it's too washed out on Switch, too much bloom and fog don't let the colours pop

rockwhynot14d ago

Have you played the Wii U version Xaevi? Do you think that version is washed out too?

Xaevi14d ago

can't say, I skipped the Wii U

rockwhynot11d ago

Cuz I think it's supposed to look like dat

rockwhynot14d ago

While twilight princess is the only 3D Zelda game on a home console I never finsihed I disliked it so much I will admit it had the coolest art style.

MrSwankSinatra14d ago

My main issue with breath of the wild was the lack of story and character depth. Also i'm just over fighting ganon or some form of ganon, give us something new for christs sake. if they fix those issues i could care less what art style they use.

pietro121214d ago

This! I know the series isn't know for strong story telling, but BotW was weak in those aspects compared to previous titles. The way the story is told was pretty lazy. BotW was lacking interesting characters as well (which was odd for a Zelda game)