Gran Turismo Sport Update Adds Seven New Cars in December

Today Gran Turismo Sport Producer Kazunori Yamauchi teased a new update coming to the game,

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IRetrouk870d ago

Almost 100 free cars and i dont know how many free tracks and layouts, plus a single player mode that keeps being added to that wasnt even supposed to be in the game, thats what you call support.

jukins869d ago

And dont forget each track faithfully recreated in vr as well. It's how I learn tracks before going online

rainslacker869d ago

This would quickly become my favorite game if I could play a full race in VR. Even if they dropped the graphics some to achieve it. I'd even probably invest in a racing wheel. I love the feeling of driving on the tracks in VR, and it solves the biggest problem I've always felt faced racing games....and that's knowing where you actually are to start your turns, plus it gives a much better way to see your surroundings. But the two car races aren't something I find exciting for the long term, although fun every once in a while, and i also learn tracks this way.:)

869d ago
Jls1869d ago (Edited 869d ago )

Finally been wating for the F50 since the F40 came

Bane35869d ago

Still wont add a weather update to gt sports

Bane35869d ago

Idk thats how people do on this site down vote mostly all my comments

gangsta_red869d ago

Isn't that like a staple for every new gen racing game??

Bane35869d ago

I know i dont get why they haven't added it already

AAWELLS09868d ago

They downvote anything that doesn't show Playstation in a good light. Its pretty common knowledge here except with the guys who do the downvoting on negative PS comments. Just see my comment in a couple of hrs.

Bane35868d ago

True i dont let it get to me

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