The Top 25 Games Of All Time According To Critics

The Video Game industry has been around for a long time, with a multitude of games released over the last 50 years. But which ones do critics call the best?

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Ezio204815d ago

They missed out Gta IV. It's 98.

robtion14d ago

They missed a lot of stuff. It's a pointless list because videogames from different eras can not really be compared over time due to being highly reliant on technology which evolves so quickly.

Doom for example was amazing at the time, Super Mario Brothers was a phenomenon, both now look very dated because times have changed.

darthv7214d ago

those game you mentioned may look dated but they are remembered more for their impact on gaming history more so than their looks.

kevnb14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Graphical dated, but they both hold up very well if you actually play them. Both those games have level design that puts modern games to shame. The biggest problem with modern games is that they insist on taking control from the player and showing them things constantly instead of presenting interesting game play.

kevnb14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

and the fact you can still load them up and they are still very fun to play and control perfectly. They are timeless. Even something like quake is still playable and fun,i ts actually more advanced gameplay wise than most shooters today.

Master of Unlocking14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Looking back, GTA IV just wasn't that great at all, honestly.
That said, games like Castlevania SOTN or Secret of Mana aren't there either and that's a problem.

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Imortus_san14d ago

So much bad tast in games in that list, hate about half of then when I played them, the other half is alryght.

RizBiz14d ago

Such as? The only game on this list which I didn't like, other than the obvious NFL 2K1, is GTA V. Not because it's a bad game, the story is great, but the world itself if an empty shell. Everything else on the list is fantastic.

Imortus_san13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

What I dont like and what I consider overhyped are two diferent things, but games that I dont like:
Metal Gear Solid; Tekken 3; NFL 2K1; Resident Evil 4; GTA 3; Golden Eye; Perfect Dark; Halo (any Halo from Bungie); Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

wraith999914d ago

can you imagine being a game critic and playing LoZ: OoT for the first time? i was just a kid with hardly any exposure to video games at the time and it still blew my mind lmao

franwex14d ago

I was a kid too. I even pre-ordered it and have the gold cartridge. I was getting driven to lunacy in anticipation.
I thought it was hella overrated after playing it :/

RizBiz14d ago

Overrated means people think it's better than it is. If you pre-ordered it and played it on release, then it wasn't overrated because you played it before people had opinions about it.

Euphemism14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Dunno how Dan Houser and the Author of this dribble can claim ... Zelda influenced Ico. Dragon Warrior influenced Zelda ...

Ico on PS1(Techdemo, alpha code) looked better than Zelda OoT and narritive speaking Zelda got none, it's the same shite all over again.

Find a Link between her pussy and her saggy tits.

Atmosphere Ico beats OoT, easily. Visuals as well, only gameplay and content is where Zelda OoT wins.

OoT is essentially a Witcher3 esque game with fetch quests but with the same plot of previous zeldas. Go and rescue your dumb girlfriend, again .... wait wrong franchise. Save the world from Ganon... No its Gannon!!

There is nothing remotely Ico like in any Zelda game. Lock-on? About the list ... No Suikoden 2? No FFT? If a good Zelda botw makes it to the list, where's Witcher 3? Skyrim has sold better than botw... mgs2 but not 1 or 3?!

Where's silent Hill, resident evil 2 ... where's metro 2033 .. NFL2k1?!

Really ... Skyrim PSVR beats all those games easily. Rdr2 and all the gta are fun sandbox sp games but they for sure do not appeal to everyone.

Big sandbox game = among the bestest of their kind ... the bigger the game world, the better the game ...what a load of rubbish.

DrStronk14d ago

Well, gameplay comes before anything else, so yeah.. that's probably why Ocarina of Time is on the list and not Ico. While I agree that Ico, resident evil 2, and silent hill are great games, i think they're abit more hit-and miss, abit more niche. Ocarina of Time is a more well-rounded experience. Also, i disagree about Ico having superior atmosphere. Ocarina of Time has alot more variety in that regard, and there's nothing quite like the atmosphere in places like The Forest Temple, or The Bottom of The Well. As far the story goes there was nothing quite like it, as OoT was my first Zelda game. But yeah, if the Zelda games before it are all similiar, then that's definitely something that goes against it.

The Witcher 3 is impressive in scope, but the gameplay is far from perfect and it has its share of problems at release date. It was quite buggy at launch, the controls were clunky, and the combat is VERY sloppy. as much as I love that game, i wouldn't have placed it on a top 25 myself.

I agree with the open-world part though... it annoys me how games are considered great depending on how big they are. I know alot of people who seem to think this way and I don't quite get it.

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