ARGcast #138: Video Game Marketing in History with Mike Futter

Our friend Mike Futter makes his debut on the show to talk about how video game marketing has evolved over time and the biggest flubs in history!

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iofhua900d ago

I remember Mike from gameinformer.

They messed up their website a while back and redesigned everything. I used to watch the super replays, they were hilarious. Overblood and Deception were awesome.

iofhua900d ago

The PC classic would only take off if it can license games that GOG has not.

Magic: The Gathering Shandalar (Microprose 1997)

Black and White 1 & 2

BBS games? Legend of the Red Dragon, Planets, LORE, Legend of Devastation, Arrowbridge, Trade Wars 2002. They would need to have online play.