Insider News: Bad Company Update on October 31st

Some info from insider on EA Forums about the long awaited update with new maps and patches. The most important thing is the date which is hinted to be Friday the 31st of October 2008:

"Hi Bad Company Baddies,

I thought I would give you some hints and info I can share. First, the hint is I look forward to a relaxing Friday next week and I will most likely take Monday and Tuesday off the week after next."

More, including the list of improvements, after jump..


Even better news surfaced today: It's going to be released on Thursday the 30th of October

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perseus4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

I'm very happy to hear this. I was hoping it would be out this weekend, I have three days off.

tlogank4268d ago

Dear God, I just want them to fix the squad invites and microphone speak within the PS3 version of the game. I love the multiplayer but absolutely HATE the fact that EA have made no effort to fix these 2 huge issues.

perseus4268d ago

I had problems with trying to squad invite a friend on another continent. I wasn't sure if it's like COD4 or not though. I thought it might be on purpose to reduce lag. Whatever it was, I think I crashed about 15 servers before just giving up.

The in-game microphone problem is why I haven't bought a microphone yet.

agentace4268d ago

do you know why they haven`t fixed the squads, EA say they know nothing about any problem and says no ones reported anything well thats what they said when me & mates phoned them to see what the hell there doing

fossilfern4268d ago

And TY scotty get some of te trophies on thursday before fallout 3 comes out tomorow :D and then R2 in novemeber i cant wait im loving my PS3

cwir4268d ago

Updated, thanks.

This news was submitted yesterday, before today's info.

BEY4268d ago

yeah unfortunately i have almost finished Battlefield bad CO. so i will only get a few trophies if any and i cant be bothered to go through it again when ill be playin R2, MK vs DC and Midnight club LA and many many more

Are_The_MaDNess4268d ago

Cant wait
hope they fix the bugs tho

LuvBurger4268d ago

I bought it the first week it came out, and its still in the wrapper. I never got around to playing it.

Tell me, is it worth it??

I was never a really big fan of MP, but after playing the R2 beta, I am hooked.

I've heard the MP was good on Bad Company

cwir4268d ago

It is very good (and addictive)..

I've had a whole bunch of new games since bad company yet almost every day I need to play at least a few rounds :)