Tomb Raider: Underworld Demo Available October 28 writes:

"The Thailand section featured in the demo includes a nice mix of swimming, climbing, animal extermination and puzzle solving, giving gamers a taste of what they can expect from the final retail version of the game, which ships on November 18th."

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clinker4583d ago

This is good news about a demo. I definitely wouldn't buy another Tomb Raider game without trying it first.

Who knows, maybe this one will be good?

Andras844583d ago

The reason is that Tomb Raider is on the climb again. It started out as a really great game. The first three was awsome. The fourth one was ok but it started going downhill with Chronicles and hit rock bottom with Angel of Darkness. Now when Legend was released it started to be climbing back on top again and it showed us in Annviersary that it can be an awsome game. So I think expectation are fairly high for this game and it might be a suprise hit. I know that people love to critisise games even though they never played them but I'm sure that this Tomb Raider will deliver.

The Matrix4583d ago

You know that the only reason that anyone (including me) would buy Underworld would be for some PT with some T & A.

Serjikal_Strike4583d ago

But I dont expect it to be better than Uncharted...

Ureval4583d ago

Must be stopped!!! Seriously man, do you think you are the first person to post yet another of these completely pointless comments? Go away.