Atlus responds to concerns over Sony regulations affecting Catherine: Full Body

Atlus’ Studio Zero has responded to questions regarding Sony Interactive Entertainment’s recent regulations regarding adult content affecting Catherine: Full Body in a series of tweets. Users asked if the game will receive the white light censorship like in Noraneko Heart and if Studio Zero can elaborate on Sony's new regulations. The developer responded on Twitter that they went as far as they could without the light shining.

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PhoenixUp90d ago

I can’t believe Sony is so adamant with these censorship practices

michellelynn097690d ago

They're arrogant. They think they can do what they want and it won't affect them.

jznrpg90d ago

It’s not arrogance it cultural differences and they believe this stuff isn’t well received in the west, which is true . It’s unfortunate because it doesn’t need to be censored imo

Dark_Knightmare289d ago

It has nothing to do with arrogance. I would love to know why a huge Nintendo fan like yourself is here in a Sony article that doesn’t pertain to you? You don’t have a PS4 so you wouldn’t be purchasing this for it whether it was censored or not so did you come here just to throw shade at Sony?

annoyedgamer89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Its more to do with their HQ moving to CA and getting a roach infestation. Their movie division is also like this.

89d ago
Enturax89d ago

@jznrpg Except they're also censoring stuff in Japan too.

Muzikguy89d ago

No that’s not why they do it

blank_keys89d ago

Correct. Let’s see the Sonydroids defend this one.

VendettaGamer89d ago

They did just moves Sony SIE to America. And lets be honest no one gets uppity about every little piece of cleavage like America. I don't like it myself but to say they are arrogant is just wrong.

Aura754189d ago


Then how come this policy hasn't come into effect until recently? We've gone through the PS3 and most of the PS4's lifecycles with games of various degrees of sexual content without much complaints. And yet, now it's a huge problem to SIE.


I was a big Playstation fan until I first heard about Sony pushing this policy. (Don't believe me? I can show you my purchase for my PS4, which I eventually upgraded to a Pro). Sony no longer supports the principle that I stand for, which is creative freedom for developers. As a result, I'm taking my money elsewhere in which one of those platforms include the Switch.

Nintendo got a lot of flak during the Wii U days for its censorship such as Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Fire Emblem Fates. However, the Japanese branch reigned in Treehouse's shenanigans. Allison Rapp was fired, in which localization also benefited from even though the reason for her termination was unrelated to censorship.

The point is a lot of consumers like me do our business according to principle, not according to the brand. While I've been a fan of Playstation for years, the principles override whatever allegiance I have for Sony.

Army_of_Darkness89d ago

@aura.... So let me get this straight. You are so devastated by this policy that you are ditching Sony's ps4 and going for a Nintendo switch?? Lol! Because Nintendo allows a less strict policy towards things of this nature?? Lmfao! Yup.... Makes perfect sense bro.

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SegaGamer89d ago

It reminds me of the 90's when games like Street's of Rage was getting censored for the most pathetic reasons.

P_Bomb89d ago

That takes me back! I remember when Nintendo heavily censoring Final Fight and Mortal Kombat on SNES. Blood, fatalities, enemy names, enemies *period* (Poison and Roxy got the boot), “oh my god” became “oh my car”.

Super Castlevania, FF, man lots of games got the blood out, the crosses, and censor clothed their statues. AC Odyssey would’ve been burned at the stake on the 6:00 news.

Enturax89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

They're SJW losers.

Protagonist89d ago

It is people like you that destroys civilized conversation. If you do not got anything to add to the story go spew your right-wing mindset somewhere else.

beulahland89d ago

@Protagonist you are overdramatizing it. Chill, dude.

zahdab89d ago

valve reverted when they got so much backlash ... Sony isn't getting as much backlash though

rainslacker89d ago

It took some time to build up at Steam. This has only been going on for 2-3 weeks with Sony. At some point it can hit critical mass. It's probably one of those times I wish MS might say something to make it more incendiary....something about how they're for the creative freedom to make what the dev wants on their system, just to make it more of an issue.

OTOH, I also don't want this to become some console war idiotic rhetoric, which it is already becoming to some extent, because when that happens, you see more defensive stances as more of the Sony fans get into the discussion and start rationalizing bad decisions. To date, i don't feel most of the stuff they've been criticized this gen was really worth getting worked up over, so i could understand it better. But this is just a bad policy all around, and should be criticized from every possible angle that is actually productive.

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awdevoftw89d ago

What's funny is that all of a sudden, people care about this, but never bought the games that pushed the envelope, and called people weeaboo perverts for supporting those games. I'm in no way pro censorship, and have bought some of the more racier playstation titles, so the fake outrage over these policies crack me up. This has been going on since the Atari days. Nintendo used to change sprites, arcades used white blood, and so on. The best way to fight censorship is to support the things that push the envelope.

Hardiman89d ago

Gotta try and stoke them fires man! There was backwards compatibility, crossplay and now this. I too am not pro censorship but it is strange that recently the "outrage" over this has popped up.

gamer780489d ago

This hasn't popped up its been ongoing topic for ages it just gets bigger when the console maker with the most sales starts doing it.

TekoIie89d ago

You're just ignorant then. Nintendo fans have always been vocal whenever the western release got censored like Xenoblade Chonciles X, Fire Emblem: Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

You're clearly trying to say this is all anti Sony but crafting a fake narrative won't work here. try again.

2pacalypsenow89d ago (Edited 89d ago )


No it’s the fact that nobody cared until Sony did it.

Now all of a sudden everyone is a fan of these weird games.

beulahland89d ago

@2pacalypsenow oh, yeah, nobody likes these games. You said it, so it must be true.

Go to bed, kid.

TekoIie89d ago


Dude you're completely wrong. There's an entire channel dedicated to following censorship like this on YouTube:

This is a constant issue in the West and East and is nothing new.

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Imalwaysright89d ago

Yeah well maybe in those days the sjw, pc and progressive crapola wasn't as prevelant as it is today and people are becoming sick and tired of it. Just the other day I saw some news where a university in the UK wanted to ban clapping for some dumbass reasons. The world is going full on retarded and its time to push back.

gamer780489d ago

How do u qualify fake in posts on the internet...

Quatron89d ago

This outrage isn't "fake" dumbass. Where the fuck have you been for the past decade. And we do buy these games too.

Enturax89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Because there are also people who hate censorship in general and aren't a selfish bastards?

nodim89d ago

Can you buy them when there are none since Sony censored them all?

KillZallthebeast89d ago

Fake outrage is rampant recently. Sort of has that cried wolf feel to it where one day everyones going to ignore something important.

SwampthingsSon89d ago

So you don't care about this, you didn't care about no name changes, you didn't care about no backwards compatibility, you didn't care about crossplay, you didn't care about no more E3, you didn't care about no PSX, you didn't care about, you didn't care RDR2 is blurry, you didn't care. You just didn't care because why now? Sony's the best? Is that what this is all about?

derek89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

It is coordinated, from one story to the next it someone's article detailing why you should be outraged by something Sony is doing or not doing. Then the usual comments about "I will never buy a Sony console again", and " arrogant Sony is back".

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Platformgamer89d ago

yeah, all the awesome exclusives and the well done consoles? soooooo messed up...
please, leave the planet.

Enturax89d ago

You are such a pathetic sheep, it's sad.

Majinzo89d ago

Sony is just messing up right now. Once you are wiser you will understand the importance of freedom.

Teflon0289d ago

No one let DICE have freedom with BFV ironically

PlatinumKing198289d ago

No it's the pansy world that is messed up, causing Sony to do this shit. The world needs to grow the hell up and realize the real world is not all sunshine and rainbows.

inxine89d ago

where is this outrage over this sort of censorship coming from? other game companies have been censoring their games for years. im all for mature themes in games but some of the cencorship is mostly for underage characters. y'all need to chill out.

TomatoDragon89d ago

You literally have no idea what you’re talking about.

inxine89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

if you'd learn to read other comments and look into it, you'd know. but i dont rly care tbh.

Segata89d ago

Well, when a game shows up on PSN as Rated E but on Nintendo Eshop as Rated M. We have entered a bizarro world. I can't remember the games name but this did happen. Yeah, it was some dumb visual novel but if Nintendo is less restrictive than Sony now. Well, then something isn't right.

AHall8889d ago

I wasn't aware Catherine had any underage characters though? (I should be pretty aware of that too, played the crap out of the original.)

Felix_Argyle_Catbro89d ago

Please educate yourself about the subject at hand before making stupid comments, thank you.

nodim89d ago

There is not a single underage character in Catherine. If you know literally nothing, please stay silent.

inxine89d ago

people. i wasnt talking about Catherine. i specifically said "this sort of cencorship". meaning, the boobs, the panties etc. y'all get butthurt over literally nothing. and yes, ive played catherine. its a great game.

annoyedgamer89d ago

You just used the classic american go to defense for censorship. Call it pedohilia.

tiredanddone89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Ugh, see, people like you are what cause this. Who cares if the characters are underage? The censorship and SJW crowd, that's who. Sorry folks, but if you are saving the world from underage game characters, you are on the SJW bandwagon.

I'm sick and tired of the moral outrage across the spectrum over imagination. Neptunia is evil! It has little girls! Full swinging penis in games, mass muder, guts and gore? HELL YEAH! Fake girl rubbing? Oh noes not the pedophiles! We must save the children! Get off it. The two are not related at all. You can be outraged as you want, it isn't going to magically combine pedophilia / cp with loli / anime.

Are there pervs, weirdos and sickos out there? Yup. You have any idea how much Dora the Explorer, Meg from Family Guy, South Park girls, Simpsons kids, etc, porn is out there? Should we ban those shows? Censor them more?

Also fyi pedos like CHILDREN. Read some psych info. A kid in a nightgown with food on their face gets them going. How you gonna censor that? A kid in a bikini isn't much of a trigger. It's CHILDREN and CHILDISH that get pedos excited. Many that like loli characters simply like loli. And those super into 2D wouldnt give 3D the time of day.

Yup, I ranted. Just bloody tired of the insane 'censor things to save the fake kids!' nonsense. Or since I like loli characters, people getting all over my shit on social media. I don't even LIKE hentai. Grrrrrr. Censorship in fiction is bad. Period. Fiction is fiction.

Cobra95189d ago

Haha! Great rant, man. Props to you for having the guts.

inxine89d ago

exactly. although im not american. thank fk for that lol. this whole topic is just rly weird if u ask me. both sides get rly defensive without anyone reading what the other one is actually saying. i think censorship is really bad, especially in a fictional game

Teflon0289d ago

"see, people like you are what cause this. Who cares if the characters are underage? The censorship and SJW crowd, that's who."
It's less of SJW and more of a issue that becomes a Legal issue. In NA, you'll be arrested for watching or possessing underage porn or anything close enough. In Canada a guy got investigated and eventually arrested for loli and fairy fetishes he had. Suggestively it's about the same as having a kid fetish. These games can push into the same realm. Japan has different laws so it's whatever for them. But having characters under the age of 18 all suggestive etc. Create a issue that's not about being a SJW in NA. The 6ix9ine dudes so called pedophile charge was for being in possession of sexual content of a 14 year old. Despite being within age range to be with the girl when it happened. What you think isn't the point. It's a larger issue. I don't agree with censorship. But I have enough of a brain to understand the stance and don't jump to this dumb SJW crap. It's always SJW, but when it was BFV wanting to show love to vets who get no acknowledgement. What happened. Blamed the SJW crowd for DICE's vision and then did what so called SJW's try to do. Force the Devs to alter the game. Because of that situation my defense for No Censorship has been null. Only reason you should be against it is artistic integrity and freedom. BUT people didn't let DICE do it nor did they listen to DICE's vision. So honestly. At this point. I'd rather they allow me more customization in BFV than seeing 6-8 year old Twins in rom and ram getting tongued down by some pedophile monster who likes cute little girls, as well as panty shots of 15-17 year olds because that's just the trend in Japanese things.
PS yes I'm serious. People were so against DICE's vision they did what their so called enemies do and even more disrespected vets in the process just because they have a hollywood vision of WW2 that they want to keep in tact when DICE stated it's the stuff that's not commonly talked about nor in games that they want to work with.
I buy JRPG's all the time. Can look at my steam games (iKickBullies) or PS profile (Teflon02) and see lol. But it's not that serious to me

annoyedgamer89d ago

Hey since you started. Let me say something controversial: liking teenage girls does not make you a pedophile.

rainslacker89d ago (Edited 89d ago )


There's a difference between the consumer telling a company they aren't happy with what they're doing, and saying that they're botching up a franchise that said consumer may be interested in, and having a 3rd party company telling developers, on behalf of their consumers, what it is they want, or what it is appropriate for them to even be allowed to try and sell to their consumers.

In the first, the consumer is telling the company directly what it is they want. They weren't asking for censorship, they were saying they weren't happy with the content because it wasn't what they wanted from a BF game. They didn't find it inappropriate based on current social issues or common puritan beliefs, but rather, because it wasn't an accurate representation of the historical aspects that the series typically took.

In the second, you have another company implementing policies, out of nowhere, which directly affects the content that some people on the system buy and brought the system for. Sony is basically saying that we can't have those games, because they deem it inappropriate, despite there already being regulatory boards which will handle the nature of the content. Moreso, they're applying this policy worldwide, so it's not in reaction to local or regional mentalities which may exist and be considered appropriate.

Sony is doing this to protect themselves from criticism from those that aren't even their customers. They aren't losing customers because they have allowed these kinds of games. They are gaining customers by allowing them. They could potentially lose customers by not allowing them. They may be doing it for legal reasons, but the actual "kiddie porn" is not actually illegal in the way its represented in western territories because the publishers already censor them some for western release, and because of that, even if they appear young, and are put into compromising positions which may show too much skin, or allow inappropriate interactions, its not legally considered kiddie porn. The really "bad" stuff doesn't make its way to the west. Sanran Kugura is probably the worst of it, and while certainly pushing the line for those who don't really understand the culture behind the anime themes or style, they aren't porn.


You are correct with how the word is defined. In context though, through the common vernacular as its used, it tends to refer to any inappropriate action or even attraction towards one that is under the age of consent. In the US legal system, its not called pedophilia except in evidence that actually has children before the age of pubescence.

What's screwed up is that I used to never make the distinction, but in more recent years, I learned this because its more in the front and center, as its used too often as a justification for censorship, or to try and shame others who may like some kinds of content.

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TomatoDragon89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Mind showing evidence of an “underage” character in Catherine? How about Dead or Alive Extreme 3 Scarlet? (Such a ridiculous claim to begin with)
Here...a search all set for you. Sony is making a big mistake, and folks are noticing and getting mad.

I swear, you people scream “pedophilia” for anything and everything. What’s your psnid, first of all. Let’s check your trophies and see if you even have a vested interest in these anime genre games to begin with.
Aww, account set to private, huh? WHat a shocker.

inxine89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

just to let you know, i havent synced my trophies with that website. and i have absolutely no problem with anime girls or whatever. all of this was taken out of context because i said " why are ppl soo outraged over this, and most cencorship happened to underage characters" never have i ever said that theres something wrong with it. i played the neptunia series and liked it. i personally dont want my games to be censored. calm your tits mate.
and i never "screamed" pedophilia. see? taken out of context.
thats all i have to say to that. so u can argue about it all day tomorrow too if u have nothing else to do lad.

Teflon0289d ago

I actually agree with em for the most part TomatoDragon
Here you can look through my trophy list and see I'm part of the affected demographic too.
I plan on Buying full body because the time it came out. I played the demo alot, but not the actual game at all as with my PS3 days. I always had to save to get a game and only did for bigger titles. Once I got Vita and PS4, That's when I began buying JPN made games

Cobra95189d ago

Cartoons, drawings and polygon renders can't be underage. They're not real people, and never were.

rainslacker89d ago

Legally, even artistic depictions of underage children can be considered pedophilia. However, in such cases, the nature of the content, and what it's trying to express is critiqued much harder by the courts to determine if it's illegal. At least in cases where it is brought to court.

However, in the west, the depictions are changed to make them of legal age, and despite Sony's policies not having existed in the past to such an extent, many publishers already toned some things down for the western releases. NISA has been getting more heat about this as of late, and most of that started after Criminal Girls Invite where a rather huge deal was made about it because the art style made it seem that many of them were too young to be depicted the way they were.

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TomatoDragon89d ago

Sigh....I knew Catherine was gonna get hit.