Our Very Own Bioshock?

Split-Screen writes: "A society, say Rapture, breaking all records for production; one where only the scholarly, aesthetic and industrial were allowed; one were only the strong survived. The results were staggering, like most famous and famously misunderstood market bubbles. However, somewhere along, in this "lassez-faire capitalist" economy, the original goal of ethical agreement and rational disposition was lost. One man propagated a new "discovery", preached its benefits and meanwhile, its increased consumption began to out-strip its production. Greed gave way to parasitism. Soon, all men began to consume more than they could produce. Sooner, rather than later, everything imploded as the economy literally caved under extreme pressure.

"Sound familiar? If you would kindly look around you, it's where we are today."

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coolfool4267d ago

Obviously this isn't to be taken literally but the some of the highlighted parallels are shocking and dare I say it, a little embarrassing? It would be nice to think that we as a society are above some of the events which occurred in Rapture but it appears we aren't.

Question is, when come out of the credit crunch, will we have learnt anything from it?