Battlefield V Reception Has Fans Completely Polarized

The game’s Metacritic page is now littered with 0s and 10s and fervent back-and-forth criticism.

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Srhalo1040d ago

Ah, bandwagon review bombing at it's finest, a belligerent mob who haven't even played it.


As they should. Game is 6/10 at best. Can’t compare it to the amount of content and game modes CoD Bo4 offers you. “Que incoming disagrees because I said Cod is better” 🙄

jordan22290ps1039d ago

COD has one more game mode. COD has 3, BFV has 2. If you're referring to regular multiplayer, zombies, and battle royal. Cod has those and BFV has regular multiplayer and single player. 3 to 2. I would say you could compare them. Especially considering the regular multiplayer of BFV is a lot deeper than standard TDM(which is by far the biggest playlist on COD). All that said though, I would tell people who aren't hardcore fans of the series to wait a couple months, let the game work out the kinks, a couple new features will be there and Firestorm will be right around the corner. PS not hating on COD bc I do enjoy it and was defending BO4 when it came out too

TKCMuzzer1039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

Well no, but your ignoring the lack of single player, the amount of used maps from past games, the stupid micro transactions *and shoving at you), the farcical lag, constant bizarre hit detection, (compared to BFV) ugly graphics , lack of any dynamic effects in blackout producing very similar outcomes (winners usually are in possession of a sniper rifle), poorly balanced weapons (no one uses LMG's), poor tic rate which offers massive inconsistency in getting kills, dumbing down of hard core by allowing self heal and body armour, zero team play from Stuttery Mcstutt flickering across the screen and most importantly, the over reliance on over powered aim assist, oh and to sum it all up, they patched in 'aim assist for when hip firing the SDM' , thats right, for hip firing an SDM, talk about holding players hands.
Apart from that, COD is redefining itself.

Skankinruby1039d ago

Lol you get mouthy and immediately get on pre defense of obvious responses. Black Ops 4 is half a game, its trash. So by default it is 5/10 'at best'.

BenRC011039d ago (Edited 1039d ago )

For the first time ever COD is the better game. Dice/EA should be ashamed.

Sophisticated_Chap1039d ago

Comparing one crap game to another. We've got a real genius here....

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TKCMuzzer1039d ago

This happens with pretty much every game on metacritic.

starchild1039d ago

That's what the online gaming "community" has devolved into: a bunch of children and man-children taking up exaggerated and extremist positions and pointlessly arguing incessantly about them.

3-4-51039d ago

I'm loving BFV so far.

I really liked Battlefield 1, and didn't like BFV beta at all, but I like the final product.

My main complaint would be lack of guns and lack of maps.

Some of the maps are awesome, some aren't the greatest, but at least all DLC maps will be free.....They should have launched with 10 though.

I'd give the game a 92/100.

It's a solid game, and offers a lot of replay value.

Profchaos1038d ago

I saw lots of reviews with enough knowledge about the game to me it appears they played it and disliked it for a variety of reasons and bugs.

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T2X1040d ago

The game is actually very good. As with all of the others in the series, a few patches later and it will be the best shooter out there. Again. People just love to cry about everything.

HaveSumNuts1039d ago

"As with all others in the series" So you think Battlefield Hardline was actually good?

TiredandRetired1039d ago

It wasn't top notch, probably weakest in the series, but I still had some fun with it. It wasn't a BAD game.

I actually enjoyed the single player campaign bc of the arrest mechanic. Having to decide whether to pull the trigger or deescalate things. I loved the old SWAT games on PC and it felt a bit like that.

isa_scout1039d ago

Hardline always gets so much hate, but I loved it. Maybe it was because I was one of the first players to unlock the OP .300 knockout sniper rifle. Dunno. I will say I enjoyed its modes far more than BF1 with war pigeons being the exception. I'm an ace BF chopper pilot so every BF that doesn't have choppers automatically ranks lower for me personally.

T2X1039d ago

Actually, almost forgot about that one. It wasn't the greatest, but I like military shooters not cops and robbers. But I would say BF5 is better than Hardline personally.

annoyedgamer1039d ago

This sounds like the 5tar reviews i read for Mass Effect Andromeda.

Smokingunz1039d ago

I agree with u on ththe patches part. I'v played TDM and the running/movement feels wonky. It feels like the framerates is clipping like something is holding u back from running. The weapons u start with especially the first recon sniper rifles sucks, its many times I'll shoot somebody with it and the kill either doesnt register or hit its targets. It's also a sniper's game, I cant take one step without getting sniped from somebody, 3ven when I spawn. I also didnt like how Dice/Ea screwed with the battlefield1 servers so u can't play online and. battlefield 4 online they screwed with the hit detection, so now I cant even kill anybody even if I empty a whole clip on them. They did all this just so we can run and buy BF5.

XiNatsuDragnel1039d ago

Well who didn't see this coming...?

Chaos_Order1039d ago

This happens with almost every game that gets released. Why is this news?

ChrisW1038d ago

It's news because Bethesda normally releases a really good game with bugs... Whereas EA and Ubisoft release games that have become increasingly stupid.

quenomamen1039d ago

BFV is 10X better than BF1 in every aspect lotta people gonna sleep on this cuz of the beta and I was gonna as well but it is very good.

isa_scout1039d ago

I do agree, but I also hope EA and Dice listen to the fans and give us what we really want. Bad Company 3.

CurbStompin1039d ago

I’ll be back when they do. This year should have been modern combat.. They made 2 old school war games, and tbh I can’t tell the difference between 1 and V

Specter2291039d ago

I hope not. Theyll never be able to recapture what made Bad Company good.

ratedviper1038d ago

Been waiting for BC3 over a decade i think its time they bring us the sequel.

Sophisticated_Chap1038d ago

As long as they keep the politically correct crap out of it, then I would love BC3.

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Dreamcatcher451039d ago

Is it better than the Beta? Because I didn't like it that much.

Immorals1039d ago

Massively different. I hated the beta, but love the full release

BenRoxio1039d ago

Why didn't you like it? Was it because of bugs and matchmaking issues?

bellome1039d ago

It is basically the same game with some gameplay tweaks. Fans will obviously love it, others may be bored to play a bf1 “clone”.

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