Europe's Version Of Qore is Called Official PlayStation Magazine HD

Over the last month Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have been putting together their own version of Qore. Because European PlayStation owners have suffered enough.

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SafeRat4270d ago

If it's anything like the OPM UK magazine, then I'll pass.

vitz34270d ago

AAAHHH!!! I've been tricked into buying Future Media's bullsh!t. Dammit.

vhero4270d ago

and unlike US you wont get beta access as US got in through QORE EU got picked through buying through PSN and forum activity.

Nicolator4270d ago

What is sony HQ doing about this?

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Elimin84270d ago

Damn it.......... Then you wouldn't have to make up anything.. if you wanna release exclusive for europe via Qore so be it just release the damn thing already.

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The story is too old to be commented.