First Player Earns Every Sea of Thieves Achievement, took "Around 2000 hours"

In a feat deemed too gruelling to be possible, someone has finally unlocked every Achievement in Sea of Thieves - 8 months after the game’s launch.

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King_Noctis1066d ago

Yeah why don’t you tell them how and what they should spend their lives on.

cooperdnizzle1066d ago

Sure anything other than this. Easy

yomfweeee1065d ago

People have a right to do what they wish of course. That doesn't mean the choices aren't stupid. This dude played this game for 7 hours a day on average and it doesn't appear it was his profession.

Also 2000 hours to get all achievements? Ridiculous on Microsoft's part.

starchild1065d ago


You really don't get it. If they enjoy the game then it isn't a stupid choice, now is it?

For example, I find turn based JRPGs to be extremely boring, but I'm not going to tell people who enjoy playing them that they're making a dumb decision playing them because for them it obviously isn't dumb since they do enjoy them.

Unspoken1065d ago

Lol, if the guy takes 2000 hours to get the achievements, it's ridiculous on Microsoft? This is what's truly sad. Blaming a company for what a player does.

How many hours do people come online and post stupid comments? There has to be really high statistics around here. Hmmm

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Exvalos1065d ago

Sad and pathetic, dude was putting In 7 or 8 hours a day.

Critic4l_Strik31066d ago

well, he/she was averaging around 8hrs per day...

Smitty20201065d ago

Feel sorry for the person, I love gaming but u also need a life

DrStronk1066d ago

2000 hours to get all achivements in such a repetitive game? So... it's basically a 2000 hour long grind. Wow. What an abselutely terrible achivement list.

bluefox7551065d ago

Imagine how repetitive that must have gotten.

Kaze241065d ago

And yet ppl spend a lot more time grinding for gear in mmorpgs, 2000 hours isn't bad, doing dailies for gold is much more repetitive.

timotim1065d ago

But yet he still did it...clearly not repetitive enough to deter his determination. How many hours have you put into God of War with its vast amount of content???

Garrett_the_GOD1064d ago

God of War is easily one of this gens best games..God of War is a masterpiece,it should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Sea of Thieves..God of War has more content than Sea of Thieves and its a singleplayer game.Sea of Thieves is about as repetitive as it gets which would explain why most of it's user base died with the free 3 months of gamepass Microsoft gave out to try to get people to play this trash...lmao

timotim1064d ago


Excellent. So answer the question many hours have you put into the game with all its masterpiece and content. Is it anything close to 2000 hours?

rainslacker1065d ago

Some people enjoy that kind of thing. Most games get repetitive when your grinding. That's just how grind is.

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The story is too old to be commented.