Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 v Battlefield V - which shooter should you buy?

Tech Radar: While older games such as Overwatch and Rainbow Six: Siege continue to hold relevance in 2018 – thanks mainly to rabidly faithful fan bases and ongoing content support – two of the biggest franchises in the genre continue to pump out new titles like clockwork.

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franwex877d ago

Save money, buy neither.

Zeke68877d ago

Correct, buy Wolfenstein II if you haven't played it, much better investment imho.

WANNAGETHIGH877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

COD ... Close quarter fast pace action. I hate getting sniped from miles away in battlefield and never know who sniped you. I always say big maps and large scale combact is overrated,battlefield is filled with campers everywhere. In CoD it’s hard for you to camp because the maps are smaller and you will be fished out. Even if your a sniper in CoD after a couple kills you will be fished out from your position.

PlayableGamez-877d ago

So you hate BF because snipers kill you from long range? What?
Camping in BF isn't really an affective strategy, unless you are a sniper. So you are just making stuff up to make BF look bad.


Nope, my experience in Battlefield has had campers in most buildings just picking shots from far with assault rifles. The map is just to darn big.

The_KELRaTH877d ago

CoDs have quick scoping so you dont need to aim while BF is weighted properly

81BX876d ago

Sure buddy... keep telling yourself that ;)

jelloaceomega877d ago

You know you could always drive a tank or a chopper to take care of the snipers, and scopre glare is reveals sniper position, so you can always outgun a sniper if you wish to.

Usually this is the problem for people who don't know how to adapt. Its game that is pretty much kind of a rock paper scissor scenario.

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PlayableGamez-877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

I don't know. I would say COD, but the recently placed MTs seem very predatory and unfair.
Activision turned COD into a 60 dollar game with a F2P system.


How do you mean it’s unfair? Genuine question. I always thought so far we all have access to the same guns and perks it’s a fair fight.

authentic877d ago

How are cosmetic items unfair?

Hungryalpaca876d ago

Locking content already on the disk that you technically already paid for is extremely unfair.

Cosmetics DO affect ones enjoyment. So does forcing someone to pay for something they shouldn’t have to in the first place.

authentic872d ago

How are they forcing you to pay for something? lol?

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