Blizzard Rumoured to be Developing a Warcraft version of Pokémon Go

It seems AR gaming might be catching on.

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fiveby959d ago

Sadly, per Blizzard's own words they have some of their best developers working on mobile. I guess some of the developers want to do this. But it also means fewer resources are working on proper PC / Console games. Activision clearly has pushed Blizzard int a direction which emphasizes quick mobile game cash grabs. Perhaps the only silver lining is money from these awful mobile games will fund development of pc / console titles. Or the money from these mobile titles is so alluring that Blizzard abandons tradition gaming altogether someday. Ugh.

gamer780459d ago

lol great timing blizzard, you really know how to get your fans riled up...

Haaliax47d ago

They're taking cover with the Fo76 Backlash

CrimsonWing6959d ago

Whelp, I’ve got nothin’...

Godmars29059d ago

Bit late. Nevermind its just a step away from a Cthulhu version.

staticall59d ago

I guess they also have this games in development:
StarCraft™: Galaxy Of Heroes
Angry Diablos 2
Overwatch Crush Saga
Clash of WarCraft Clans
Flappy Hyperion
World Series of Hearthstone
Idle Rock'n'Roll Racing
StarCraft Shelter

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