English Bayonetta trailer released, is silly sexy

VG247 write: Sega's put out an English Bayonetta trailer, which includes some ridiculously gratuitous latex-beaver shots and the eponymous witch calling someone a "Cheshire puss."

There's a decent amount of gameplay in there, and a bit of CG from the floating rock stage shown off at Games Convention.

Watch for the hair move and bosses at the end.

It's out next year. After the break.

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Rikitatsu4269d ago

How about talking more about the gameplay clips in the trailer rather than the CG stuff ...

Ok, we know Bayonetta does Silly moves, But seriously, A lot of classic games had Silly characters, So Stop moaning

HowarthsNJ4269d ago

That's what it looked like anyway. A guilty pleasure this one appears to be :-)

hades074269d ago

Silly moves added to a game coming from the same people who made Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and Devil May Cry, so it should be quite an interesting game.

Kight4269d ago

Can we please cut the Sarah Palin jokes? Its really mind numbing to see her mentioned every 5 minutes and yet somehow theres always someone who thinks its funny.

Its tiring.

UziSuicide4269d ago

That was the stupidest trailer I think I've ever watched :/

Elimin84269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

Sh!t looks like a cross between God of War and Devil May Cry not saying it's good or bad just looks like they took copied some of the characters and moves and put it into that trailer....

jpod4269d ago

but still just as good. I like her voice actor and the male voice actor makes the game seem like a House of the Dead game. haha. Can't wait for the game <.<

Kight4269d ago

Ya its the exact same one minus the japanese subtitles.

jpod4269d ago

Don't know who gave you the disagree, but I now realize the subs were missing. haha.

Miraak82 4269d ago

it's like a really bad anime

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The story is too old to be commented.