Zombie Invasion Eats Away at WoW Subscribers, Unplayable Content Plagues Azeroth

Ripten: "You know how you always say that you want developers to try new things? Be creative. Live on the edge. Show you stuff you've never seen before. Yea? Well, you're full a shit.

You don't want that - you want to feel at home, comfortable, and in command - and you're not the only one. Many residents of the Azeroth, in the popular MMO World of Warcraft, are not the least bit amused by Blizzard's attempt to transition into the Lich King expansion."

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ZeroSympathy4275d ago

It can be a pain when quest givers are dead for long durations. But the overall experience in my opinion has been fun and a good change of pace and some nice gear drops for not a lot of qrinding and can be quite rewarding. My son got some epic gear for his hunter in 1 day five piece mail all epic. It was designed to change it up and it has done just that. Everyone should just relax and plan on goin back to the old do my dailys and a dungeon grind soon enuff.

Lumbo4275d ago

The quest givers are not dead a long time, it takes 10 minutes to transform, and the respawn of the npcs is like 5 minutes. So it takes some bad luck to NOT be able to hand over your quest.

StarsCream4275d ago

Wrong and wrong....

The disease has a 2 minute timer till your npc is gone (soon to be less than 2 mins).

Most npc in small towns are higher level than the players TRYING to quest there, so there is no chance of cleansing them.

Get your facts straight before taking a side, man I hope you dont vote.

Menchi4275d ago

This is ridiculous. Some lowbie characters have whined enough to cause this?

Go you guys, you're going to get the event cancelled for all the people who enjoy it.

Saint Sony4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I'm pretty sure this is not happening, maybe the author himself went mad over this and is whining all alone.

The event could be annoying but not THAT annoying. It's more fun if you let go your all "I'm important, why is blizzard doing this to me" attitude.

Captain_Sony4275d ago

No he isnt making it up. I spent some time in Arathi Highlands last night infecting different NPC's and was getting hate messages from all kinds of people over it.

JeepGamer4275d ago

So low level characters that are just trying to enjoy themselves and pay the same 15 dollars a month as everyone else should just suck it up and suffer because it amuses the level 70s?

If this were on PvP server I could see it but on PvE servers people should not have to endure this stupidity.

StarsCream4275d ago

This is ridiculous. Some maxlvl characters have griefed enough to cause this?

Go you guys, you're going to get the event cancelled for all the people who hate it.

See what I did there?

Enigma_20994275d ago

... and just how dumb are you?

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greeneggsnsam4275d ago

WoW players kind of need to lighten up. It's a game, and always will be...Blizzard should be commended for trying something so new and interesting.

MastaBlasta2224275d ago

Back when I played WoW and they were about to do the Burning Crusades expansion they released the pretty much invincible demon Krull onto Azeroth and there were dead bodies covering every inch of Ironforge and I thought it was hilarious. The same old WoW can get boring after a while so Blizzard should be commended for mixing things up every once in a while.

moe844275d ago

I don't recall Krull being invincible at all. In fact, I remember him being killed repeatedly for his Kazzak loots. Now when he was dropped on unsuspecting, major faction cities.. he may have seemed invincible. But he wasn't. He just had that nice little ability to heal himself, when someone(pet or player) on his threat list dies. Something like 30k? Anyway, making him a lot harder to kill when a crap-ton of lowbies keep dieing. Not to mention the "Supreme Mode" or w/e it is. When more than 40 players try and engage a "World Boss" and everyone gets their ass handed to them.

Fun. Fun.

MastaBlasta2224275d ago

I know that but I didn't want to go into explaining it all. He definately was invincible when he was in a major city though.

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