Opinion: Why Does Battlefield Punish Fun?

The Pennyworth Reviews Blog writes: "Anyone from my generation can remember back to when Battlefield 1942 first launched, and when you think back to the game coming out and also your first experiences playing it I can assure you that one word that would be flying around in your mind is 'fun'."

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ElleGee18d ago

It doesn't. you're just bad at the game.

DerekTweed17d ago

He's mad because his woman won't play battlefield with him anymore. He's mad because he sucks.

Some people really care far to much about K/D ratios or about dying in a game. He said "but boy do I swear in Battlefield more than any other game I play, by an absolute mile. "

Clearly after every time he dies he's foaming and frothing in anger.

"You can try work really hard to help your team, and get those revives, but don’t be surprised when you’re 18th on the scoreboard"

Revives get you the same amount of points as a kill.

"some guys on top have like 54 kills and 1 death"

Then just revive those 54 people and you'll have the same score.

I play to win the game, not to be top of the scoreboard.

Ognipode17d ago

You seem to be missing the point completely, and your solution seems to be "just get all the kills, all the revives, take all the points, dodge all the bullets, be the best team mate and win all the things - easy peasy". I have no idea why I haven't tried this strategy yet :P

DerekTweed17d ago


If you can't compete with a particular strategy, change your strategy. I have been top of the leader board with many less kills that other people. sometimes very bad K/D.

Reviving gets a lot of points, as does healing. Even as a scout, spotting and spot assists get a lot of points. not only that it helps your team massively by preventing loss of tickets or by showing the enemy locations.

Majin-vegeta18d ago

Git gud is my advice🤷‍♂️

zodiac90918d ago

Because of EA's nonsense Engagement Optimised Matchmaking (EOMM) Algorithm, designed to influence their scummy policies.

jordan22290ps18d ago

You realize it's not implemented in any games right now.

zodiac90918d ago

You TRULY believe this system is not in it's early stages and not implemented in BF5 already? Anthem is launching in less than 3 months...there is no way they wouldn't be testing it quietly in a big game like BF5.

Failcube18d ago

No kill in 40 min? Okay, we get the problem.

Skankinruby18d ago

Definitely felt this way about battlefield 1 as the bullets per gun drop were so low it made the game virtually unplayable. Hope battlefield 5 fixed that.

DerekTweed17d ago

What does "bullets per gun drop" mean?

How much ammo you start with?

How much the bullet falls over distance?

Skankinruby17d ago

The amount of bullets each enemy dropped. They dropped so few rounds that you had to have at least a 90-95% shooting accuracy to move forward it was crap. Maybe they have changed this since I bought it but I got over it pretty quick.

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