Will Pokemon Gold & Silver Get The Let's Go Treatment?

Game Freak has insisted that this is not an entry in the core Pokemon series, but merely a spin-off to bring in new fans who played Pokemon Go. Whether that will happen or not has yet to be seen, but due to the stellar sales the game has, I wonder if the game mechanics of Let’s Go will be used again? What I mean in this sense is if Pokemon Silver & Gold will get the Let’s Go treatment.

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-Foxtrot706d ago

Probably and it'll be a shame to see them dumbed down aswell

Give me just a Pokemon Crystal remake, expanded on, more places to go and when we go back to Kant expand on that aswell like it's a proper Pokemon Yellow remake.

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TheFirstClassic705d ago

I feel like let's go is just sort of a filler game in a time of limited switch releases, so I'm not entirely sure it will return.

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EddieNX 705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

Pokémon Let's go, in many ways, is better than the main games. I don't want random encounters in the gen 8 game, I want them walking around as they are in let's go. If they bring back battling Pokémon before you catch them that's fine, but make sure they're waking around as they are now. The system in let's go actually works perfectly fine for catching them and there's still more than enough battling to be done with NPCs, gyms etc.

I was most definitely one of the people who thought the changes were BS. Try it for yourself and you will see what all the positive reviews and positive player feedback are talking about. Have way more fun with this than I did with Sun.

Game is quite simply, very good. Period.

Perhaps make an all new Let's go game instead of another remake?

Blastoise705d ago

Sun and Moon are mind numbingly boring games. They're like tutorials that never end. I'm 8 hours into Ultra moon at the moment, it's the second time I've started this game and I've just got to give up

EddieNX 705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

Wasn't that keen on them myself. Let's Go is just massively refreshing. Really enjoying it, regardless of what these people who aren't playing it think of the game lol.

Sono421705d ago

You are 100% right, so it baffles me that people defend games even easier then those. It defies logic. EddieNX showing his hypocrisy again.

Agent_00_Revan705d ago

More Let's Go games wouldn't be bad filler games to release in between main line games.

Just think of them as the stand alone Star Wars movies to the mainline series.
; )

RosweeSon705d ago

Sure beats quest and some of the other dribble

TekoIie705d ago

But Rogue One was the best new Star Wars movie so it's not analogous.

RosweeSon705d ago

No doubt Gen 8 next year 6/12 months later let’s go 2.

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