Jump Force Gets New Screenshots Introducing Piccolo and Cell from Dragon Ball

Today Bandai Namco announced two new characters joining the cast of its upcoming fighting action game Jump Force, Cell and Piccolo from Dragon Ball.

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thatguyhayat16d ago

Still no fairy tail characters. I think that enough with dbz roster

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InKnight7s16d ago

Well lets be real here DBZ roster can sell games better than rosters of most animes and fighting games.

thatguyhayat16d ago

Might as well call it dragonball z and friends

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--Onilink--16d ago

Fairy Tail is not part of Shonen Jump, so getting them is probably a more complicated licensing process.

Who knows, maybe they will show up, but there is a very valid reason why they havent yet.

DJK1NG_Gaming16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

No they have no chance of showing up.
Only Shonen Jump characters are allowed. It's called Jump Force.

Lockdown55516d ago

Guys, this is not an anime game, as much as you all want it to be. It is a Manga game, based specifically off manga that featured in Shonen Jump for it's 50th anniversary so no there will not be any characters from Fairy Tale because that manga was not a part of Shonen Jump. Shonen Jump has a lot of big names to pull from but Dragon Ball is one of it's biggest which is why it and One Piece have such high representation.

DJK1NG_Gaming16d ago

Fairy Tail isn't Shonen Jump.

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