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Fallout 76 feel a little sterile and hampers its long-term appeal, especially if you don’t have friends to accompany you through the wasteland.

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Garethvk20d ago

I have not understood all the scathing reviews. I have played since the B.E.T.A. and have been enjoying it. Sure there are issues and it is not the same as the main series but they will patch up the issues and I have had several hours of fun gameplay Solo already despite the issues.

MasterCornholio20d ago

Here’s the thing they are reviewing the game at launch so the current reviews reflect the state the game is in. Giving the game extra points because Bethesda “might” fix it in the future would be dishonest to those looking in playing the game now. If critics want to review the game after it’s been fixed that’s fine but currently the game has a lot of issues and no amount of fun will cover that up. To be honest the issues the game has makes the game not fun for many who play it and it’s reflected in the reviews.

Garethvk20d ago

I plan to do our review this weekend. I just figured that a game of this size needs more than 6 hours of play to do a fair review.

MasterCornholio20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

To be fair 6 hours can be more than enough to expose the technical issues. I’ve read reviews where they played it a lot longer than that and they still gave a the game a pretty low score.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory. There is something wrong with the game that doesn’t sit well with a lot of these critics. It’s not like all the reviews that are around 5-6 are clickbait reviews when the actual metacritic/opencritic is close to that.