The Nintendo DS's dirty little 'secret'

Pcworld.com writes "The following is a true story: I'm walking through San Francisco's Chinatown, down a well-hidden side street. The mysterious person I had contacted earlier on Craigslist had instructed me to stand near a trinket store at the corner of "Lost" and "Tourist." Eventually, a petite Asian girl walks up and asks, "Nintendo DS?" I nod, forking over some cash. She gives me an R4. All this trouble for what amounts to a cartridge that you pop into a Nintendo DS. Why do I feel so dirty? Because Nintendo--and some members of the media--tell me to feel that way.

Let me back up for a second. I love my Nintendo DS Lite. And Nintendo has done a fantastic job supporting this device. It's the perfect traveling companion--any platform that can have me defending castles one second and coming up with cooking recipes the next can't be half bad. (I'm serious about the cooking thing; right now I'm testing out the Jamie Oliver interactive cookbook and shopping guide.) But I've been wanting more."

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psiom5454d ago

There's so much homrbrew for DS which has nothing to do with piracy. I'm 100% against game piracy, but I have an M3 for all the cool things it offers.

Tracker (music creation) software
Ports of abandonware games like doom/decent/etc
Cool painting app
PDA style organizer

They are great little addons for the DS. It doesn't have to be linked with anything illegal.

I find the back alley story strange too. I bought mine in a regular retail store.

beethy5454d ago

I love my R4 and my 500+ DS games stored on my HD. :)
For me it's a nice way to sample a lot of games on the market. If a game is really kickass, I buy the real thing.

ChickeyCantor5454d ago

Although i'm not infor illegal downloads but i do donwload games just to see if they are good indeed.

Also 500+? you sure you will buy them xD? because keeping them makes no difference xD

FailStation35454d ago

r4/m3 cards are a pirate's best friend.

LeShin5454d ago

lol and some people are surprised they got rid of the cartridge slot on the new DSi?

Isaac5454d ago

I'll do what beethy does because I'm really pissed off that Nintendo announced a DS 1.1 so early, it will eventually have exclusive games (but of course, there aren't any right now because Nintendo won't make any effort), and of course, the upgrade is basically the same as the one from Gamecube to Wii, which is retarded.

Hell, that way I'll save so much money I planned to spend on the DS, that I could buy a DS 1.1 once its exclusives start to come out. Either that or a PSP-4000+ version, whatever happens first.

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"Closer alignment" to PS4 and Xbox One.

Old McGroin15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Thought I had read somewhere that it might be close to Xbox Series X and PS5 in terms of visuals. That it had been shown running that Matrix Unreal 5 demo. If it's closer to Xbox One and PS4 then that's extremely disappointing already.

Destiny108015d ago (Edited 15d ago )

its going to be closer to a PS4, 1.84 teraflops, but has a few new tricks up its sleeve, 12 gigs of ram / dlss 3 / raytracing / SSD

Number1TailzFan15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

It's going to have a bit of a rough time with next gen third party games. The current gen machines are already having trouble with UE5 upscaling from 720p and still having fairly big FPS dips here and there.

I'd rather devs work with the hardware limitations to make sure games run at least a fairly solid 60fps, like by downgrading textures etc.. Instead of pushing the consoles beyond what they're capable of like they do now with a locked 30fps or 60 with big dips. DF also stated similar in their newest video.

I think first party games have a chance of looking nice and running well on the new Switch as long as they don't overdo it.

Old McGroin15d ago

OK, for the people downvoting, can you at least explain why you are quite happy for the Switch 2 to have similar visuals to a console released 4 years before the original Switch, which is itself a 6 year old console?

Neonridr15d ago

it's a handheld, imagine how much it would cost to have a portable PS5/XSX in your hands. You see the prices on things like the Ayaneo? Not to mention the abysmal battery life on something like the Steam Deck?

a portable PS4 would look amazing to be honest.

Profchaos14d ago

It's a handheld at its core there is no magic toggle or hidden GPU in the dock and it will have a 5 hour battery according to Nintendo's prioritys

Neonridr15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

I would expect it to maybe surpass the PS4 a little in terms of performance, but DLSS will give a nice visual bump to their titles.

Jin_Sakai15d ago

Having DLSS and Nvidia’s stellar Ray Tracing performance will be huge. I expect Switch 2 to run most 3rd games available on PS5 and Series X. Nintendo’s first party games are really going to shine. I can only imaging what they will pull off.

RaidenBlack15d ago

I am thinking somewhere between PS4 & PS4 Pro level base perf just from the SoC and then DLSS 3+ giving the boost its known for on top of it + the 12GB memory & SSD aiding in.

Jin_Sakai15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

As far as actual hardware it will be nowhere near PS5 and Series X. DLSS will play a huge role in getting resolution and frame rates in line with PS5 and Series X though. Nvidia is also much better with Ray Tracing so I expect Switch 2 to great in that regard.

Profchaos14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It's going to be using NVIDIA tech to get the most out of the system so dlss 3 etc it should be fairly competent but I'm thinking the truth will be somewhere in the middle of last gen and current gen.

Still we all know what Nintendo can do on old hardware Luigi's mansion 3 had an art style that made it look like a ps4 level game on what was essentially 7.2 gen hardware seriously that game could stack up to some current gen efforts

ZeekQuattro14d ago

The animations in LM3 are top notch.

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Hofstaderman14d ago

I wouldn't mind having a handheld with PS4 fidelity.

Profchaos13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I never understood why Sony didn't do this since a ps4 handheld seems like a perfect wim for them

fsfsxii14d ago

nintendo holding back the progress of the industry as per usual