Battlefield 5's RTX ray tracing tested: is this the next level in gaming graphics?

Battlefield 5 has shipped on PC, accompanied by our first look at a revolution in gaming graphics - real-time ray tracing via Nvidia's new RTX line of GPUs.

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Profchaos19d ago

From the reviews it's not ready for primetime the 2070 can't play it with a stable frame rate and it's just water surfaces that use it

Desmios19d ago


RDR2 is very, very, very best graphics and visual.

BFV DXRT not is top 5 best graphics

ossyc19d ago (Edited 19d ago )


You fail to understand the significance of ray tracing don't you?

Desmios19d ago

Yes I can.

I'm not saying that DXRT is not nextgen, I'm saying that the results of RDR2 impress visually and artistically far superior to the DXRT in BF5

ButtAnihilator19d ago

Eurogamer's digital foundry's analysis is fantastic. While everyone else is whining about low framerates, digital foundry's is grounded in reality. Every time a new important technological change comes it takes a while for it to become popular. For example: 1080p used to be too high a resolution for anything to handle in gaming, and now even a toaster plays games at 1080p. 4k used to be an insane resolution that nothing could run, but now it's a reality on mid end pcs and high end consoles, and it took a very short time. It'll take some time, but real time ray tracing will eventually become popular.

Unspoken19d ago

Be my guest and pay for the ever price gouging GPU market. Will wait until they focus on gamers again rather than their bottom line.

ButtAnihilator18d ago

I mean, I'm not saying that these new RTX cards aren't garbage, they're overpriced garbage for sure. I'm just glad nvidia is making this push for real time ray tracing.

Unspoken18d ago

Yeah, I definitely agree with you on the tech push and DF's coverage. It was more directed at the fact it will take longer to get to main stream because of the price to play. I'm really hoping NAVI will make a difference so I can fully cut nVidia out. Plus the TVs and monitors I use all have FreeSync.

TedCruzsTaint19d ago

You'll see it slowly rolled put over the next few years on PC, with a big push at the end of this coming console generation. I'm assuming this is two generations from being norm in the console space.

airshiraz19d ago

ray tracing is inevitable of course .its like saying ps2 has better graphics than ps3 and still using ps2 graphics technology .ray tracing is the future of games graphics but first gen is crap as always and the buyers of first gen cards are victims unless they buy it for their jobs or for better performance in rasterized games