PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One and Switch in October

Venture Beat: PlayStation 4's unit and dollar sales are up year-over-year. This is the highest month for unit sales so far for the PS4. Xbox One is also growing.

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Majin-vegeta19d ago

God damn Sony taking in that $$$$$

JaguarEvolved19d ago

PlayStation domination as usual.

SuperSonic9119d ago

PS4 is more trusted than Xbox and Switch combined.

kingtoby208119d ago

Why you getting downvoted is beyond me. Especially when it's facts 🤔

DrumBeat18d ago

It's probably do to the sheer, unmitigated, unbridled pole-riding they're doing over Sony's success. Congratulations for milestones are normal, but gushing over monthly sales with that much enthusiasm is a bit silly, not to mention strange.

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UCForce19d ago

Not surprised. PS4 is doing pretty well.

Relientk7719d ago

Nice and with those $200 Spider-Man PS4 bundles for Black Friday that's likely not gonna change.

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PhoenixUp19d ago

The rest of the year’s NPD belongs to PS4

septemberindecember19d ago

December will probably be the Switch, November will probably be PS4 though.

RizBiz19d ago

I dunno. They have the games, but they don't have the discounts.

alb189919d ago

The Spiderman/PS4 combo at 199 is crazy.
November is another won for PS4.

septemberindecember19d ago

I think that Spider-Man deal is just for Black Friday.

Switch has a huge game coming out that month. It’s the Switch’s most highest profile release all year. I’m pretty sure it’ll snag it.

Muzikguy19d ago


You can go to Best Buy right now and get one. It’s been that price for a week already not just for Black Friday

BrettAwesome19d ago

Switch is in dire need of fresh games. This console set's itself apart by being sold to gamers who don't necessarily enjoy the likes of Pokemon and that kind of thing. Smash is not for everyone either. Let's see what happens when we get Metroid Prime 4 and Bayonetta 3. After that, they're gonna be in trouble. Switch is turning into a glorified indie machine real fast these days

septemberindecember19d ago


That’s because stores now provide Black Friday deals for the entire week instead of just the day after thanksgiving. They are still Black Friday deals.

Almost everywhere it’s advertised as a Black Friday bundle.

You know what though? I’m going to be heavily disagreed with anyway. Let’s come back in January when NPD is up. Dollars to donuts says I’m right. Deal?

septemberindecember19d ago


The last few Smash games have outsold both mainline Mario and Zelda titles on their respective systems.

Smash is a system seller.

UCForce19d ago

Like @BrettAwesome said, those popular Nintendo games are not for everyone. Meaning some people like myself don’t like Smash. Even Smash will outsell other games, but it only won December. The rest is for PS4.

septemberindecember18d ago


You can literally say that about almost any game. Again, Smash is one of Nintendos best selling properties. It’s a system seller. It’s not like God of War was bought by all 80 million PlayStation 4 owners, but it was sure as hell a system seller too.

Forget’re just biased.

ABizzel118d ago


I agree, it's the same thing that happened last year. PS4 won November and was $199 as well, but sold out nearly everywhere. This is how Switch ended up winning December 2017, with XBO overtaking PS4 as well (barely), even though PS4 still won the overall holiday season.

This year Switch doesn't have a price drop like many are saying, but it does have bundles, and more importantly it has one of it's biggest franchises (Smash Bros.) launching that month as well. December will be huge for Switch. PS4 has a chance of winning December still, but they need to make sure they have the supply available, otherwise it'll be a repeat of last year, although I feel XBO will be in 3rd for both months this year, meanwhile PS4 and Switch will be a close first and second for December.

Muzikguy18d ago


It doesn’t matter to me if Switch takes January or not. They’ll need to have more games as others have mentioned.

As for the Spider-Man bundle, you said you thought it was only for Black Friday and I corrrcted you. No need to get mad about it. Call it a Black Friday deal all you want but what I said is still true. You can buy it right now

septemberindecember18d ago (Edited 18d ago )


I didn’t say Switch will take January. I said they’ll take December, but we’ll find out whether they did in January as that’s when that information will be released.

Yeah, you can buy a Black Friday deal. Every deal is a Black Friday deal right now. Maybe it’ll be available cyber Monday too, I don’t think last years Black Friday deal was,...but it’s definitely doubtful it’ll be available in December which is what you guys are arguing with me on.

Also, I’m not mad. I’m trying to have a conversation. I just know how the demographic is here.

septemberindecember18d ago (Edited 18d ago )


Thank you for understanding that Smash is a system selling franchise. I think some people think that, by me saying that, I’m somehow against PS4s success or something. Which I’m definitely not. PS4 is still going to take November, just like it did last year.

Muzikguy18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I see you meant Switch for December and I guess we will see if that happens. I don’t see anyone saying anything about PS4 taking December just one comment saying that they have the discounts. I’m sure that the bundle will be back to a higher price in December but I’m also sure that PS4 will still be discounted somewhat all the way through the end of the year. Has been the last few so I don’t see that changing.

Companies are funny with the sales and calling them black decay sales because many deals are still better on Black Friday for multiple retailers. I guess when you have a sale every week you just run out of names. Probably just want to run with the hype of it all

septemberindecember17d ago


Well, the comment I responded too said they'd take the rest of the year. Which is why I said December will probably be the Switch because Smash is such a huge game for it.

I agree with the rest of your comment though. The PS4 will still be discounted and its definitely going to sell well. It'll probably sell the most during the holiday season overall, just like it did last year. I just think that December specifically is set for the Switch to win the NPD.

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GaboonViper19d ago

Well done Sony, the PS4 is a absolute sales monster.

darthv7219d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Maybe I'm reading that wrong (which is very possible) but that just seems like a really weird metric.

"October 2018 unit sales of PlayStation 4 reached the highest mark for any PlayStation hardware platform in an October month since the PlayStation 2 in October 2002."

I know October isnt usually a huge month but it took 16 years for PS to have another big October. There must not have been many big system sellers in those previous October months.

parris19d ago Show
TheColbertinator19d ago


You read it wrong. There.

ShadowWolf71219d ago

In no way does it mean they haven't had a big October since then, that just means they haven't had an October bigger than October 2002 til now. October 2002 also saw the release of both Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 and GTA Vice City, the latter of which was a PS2 console exclusive at the time.

darthv7219d ago

Sunny explained it... Spiderman.

Its just weird to hear a comparitive with a month that is not synonymous with big sales. November and December, sure but October was odd.

ZeroX987618d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Sony had great October months before too, but to actually beat the PS2 at it's prime (for that month), that's quite the achievement!

Vizigoth0418d ago

You read it correctly. For whatever reason (COD BLOPS 4 and RDR 2) has helped PlayStation have one of their most successful October months since 2002.

Dragonscale18d ago

@darth, you always gotta find a way to downplay. At least Sony has the cojones to release their sales numbers unlike a certain other gaming company. So salty lol.

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parris19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Sony had marketing partnerships with both of the biggest games of the month. And Spider-Man managed to stay at #4 even with the years biggest hitters competing with it.

starchild19d ago

Spiderman shouldn't even be exclusive. Sony doesn't own Insomniac and Spiderman is a long existing franchise loved by a wide range of people. I personally don't think such things should be exclusive.

AspiringProGenji19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

It was Marver who made the call, the owner of Spiderman, who went to Sony. If they say it is exclusive then it is. This “Spiderman is too big to be an exclusive” is nothing but an excuse. Yet When Spiderman was third party most games where a turd that “the wide range of people” didn’t care enough for it. We got a proper Spideman game and the majority still went out to enjoy their fav hero

Also Insomniac has been making games exclusively for so long. Them making games for Sony.l regardless of ownership shouldn’t be a surprise

parris19d ago

But Microsoft buying up a bunch of studios that make multi-platform games is fantastic amiright?

rainslacker19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Sony contracted Insomniac to make the game. Insomniac took the job, it's not like Insomniac decided to make it exclusive for Sony. Sony actually gave Insomniac a choice of super-heroes to make a game about, which leads me to believe that Sony may actually have some rights to create another Marvel IP as well.

Marvel Studios contracted Sony to make a Spider-man game. This wasn't Sony going out and licensing the IP in the traditional sense to keep it to themselves.

You're free to write a strongly worded letter to Marvel studios.

SpineSaw19d ago

Your looking at this the wrong way. Anyone who doesn't have a PS4 can get the Spiderman game and a PS4 for only $199.00usd plus tax. Not only do you get what is prolly the best Spiderman game ever made you get the only console that the game can be played on. Plus when you get the console you then have the option to play the other great PS4 exclusives such as Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, Uncharted 4 and my fav BloodBorne and that's only a few on a long list of great exclusive games that you as a PS4 owner have the option to play if you so choose. Your other option is waiting and praying for it to goto other consoles that you may own but that is never, ever going to happen or you have the option of getting PSNow when Spiderman is put on the service in 2 to 3yrs.
Now I in no way want to offend Anyone because I know $199.00usd is a lot of money and you just can't throw down what you don't have but with that said Sony announced the bundle about 2 months ago. Maybe save some $$$ or ask Santa and maybe he'll deliver and for anyone who has the $$$ and loves to game but went with another console now is a great time to get the console that most all gamers already have. Good luck to you.

starchild19d ago

The only console I own is a PS4 Pro, so I don't really care from that angle. I just don't look favorably at exclusivity in general, but it's more acceptable to me if the platform holder owns the studio and the IP is a new creation.

Overall, though, I think exclusivity does more harm than good. And I'm consistent on this. I hope the gaming industry eventually evolves past this fragmented exclusivity crap. I look forward to the day when gamers can enjoy games on the hardware of their choosing--much like you can watch any DVD or Blu-ray movie on any of a multitude of different brands and types of playback devices--instead of being artificially locked to single brand or device.

UCForce19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I have to agree with AspiringProGenji. Even third party Spider Man games never be nominated or award of GOTY before. This is proper Spider Man is able to get nominated this year. Marvel choose Sony because they knew Sony First Party Studio Strong Reputation. And Sony choose Insomniac because both of them still have strong relationships. And that’s an excuse from you.

trouble_bubble19d ago

IP’s man. You can’t buy a Whopper at McDonalds. You won’t find Presidents Choice at Safeway. DC and Marvel might sell at the same store but they sure as shit don’t share the same universe.

You mention movies, but Netflix has exclusives. Cobra Kai can be digital only and skip disc all together. Marvel doesn’t even have the movie rights to all their own characters. They had to buy Fox studios just to get them to stop destroying the FF lol. An IP holder isn’t obligated to help the competition.

Razzer19d ago

"Overall, though, I think exclusivity does more harm than good. "

I disagree. Exclusive games are special and it is rare to find the quality of games like Spider-man and God of War in a multiplat game. Every now and then you get a Witcher 3 game that rises to that level, but without the platform owner pushing their own devs to make something really great for their own platform the quality of games overall would be less. Exclusivity means better quality games.

And Spider-man is a perfect example. We have seen many Spider-man games from Activision and they ranged from bad to just ok. The PS4 exclusive Spider-man is truly great. I'm not sure how anyone can say this is doing more harm than good.

trooper_19d ago

Why shouldn't it be exclusuve?

Marvel went with the console that sold the most.

ShadowWolf71219d ago

"Spiderman" isn't exclusive.

Spider-Man, however, is.

Realms19d ago

It was Marvel that wanted Sony to be involved because Sony owns the movie rights to Spiderman and Marvel wanted to use him in their upcoming movies so they made a deal with Sony. Marvel can use Spiderman in their movies and Sony can make exclusive Spiderman games. Insomniac can make games for whomever they want they are an independent contractor, Sony asked them if they wanted to make a Spiderman game they said yes.

Spiderman is exclusive to Sony because of Marvel that allowed them to even make the game, Activision had the game rights to Spiderman for years and they consistently made ok to mediocre games so the quality of the game is clearly a result of various parties interest in making Spiderman a success, namely Marvel, Sony and Insomniac. I don't know why you are so upset but Sony's involvement has proven to be good for the Spiderman franchise unlike what Activision did with the Ip.

Vizigoth0418d ago

Marvel Approached Sony. Not Ubisoft, Activision or anyone else. You want to point blame to anyone, blame Marvel. Marvel went with a publisher the could trust. Sony went with a non 1st party developer.

cd118d ago

Exclusives are where we see the best results and have been a part of gaming since the start - I don't see that changing.

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afficianado19d ago

They are being really smart with the partnerships this generation.

FallenAngel198419d ago

“October 2018 unit sales of PlayStation 4 reached the highest mark for any PlayStation hardware platform in an October month since the PlayStation 2 in October 2002”

Dear lord that’s a whole new level of beast mode

italiangamer19d ago

This solidify my statement that this will be the highest selling quarter in PlayStation history. November is gonna be 1000 crazier than crazy.

mastaleep19d ago

Spider-Man bundle is so difficult to get I wonder how many they have allocated

darthv7219d ago

Like i said above, its worded rather weird but I'm thinking that over the last 16 years there just hasnt been a huge system seller to really bring in the numbers for October since the PS2.

generic-user-name19d ago

Strange way of looking at it negatively. It could just mean October 2002 was exceptionally huge for games on PS2.

BehindTheRows19d ago

Nothing at all weird about it.

OT: And the domination continues!

rainslacker19d ago

Gotta spin it into a negative somehow huh?

Batman96x19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

yeah just like how xbox hasn't never been able to win a console generation before since the brand been establish darthv72.

Dark_Knightmare219d ago (Edited 19d ago )

No you were just thinking how you can be a hater and downplay this great news so you decided to post this ridiculous comment twice now just move along

darthv7219d ago

Not hating guys.. just confused. Usually you hear about November or December because its holiday times.

Thank you Sunny. That explains it cause I knew there had been other big releases in Octobers past but I guess none of them sparked sales as much as this one.

Razzer19d ago

You forgot about Spider-man? lol

Teflon0219d ago

Here is a simple reason they've never beat 2002
GTA Vice City was a PS2 exclusive. If you can't get through your head that 2002 was probably just the PS2's peak Oct and the PS2 is the highest selliing home console ever. To beat that Oct is basically saying you topped the best selling console of all times peak Oct. Nothing to think about. Stop reaching