October 2018 NPD: Call of Duty still outsells Red Dead Redemption II

Venture Beat: Gaming consumers in the United States spent $1.545 billion in October, according to industry-tracking firm The NPD Group. That is up year-over-year, and it’s little surprise considering two of the biggest games of 2018 debuted during the month.

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PhoenixUp22d ago

Lmao that must’ve caught a lot of people off guard

AcidDvl22d ago

Not really, RDR2 came out 26th of October.

Sunny_D22d ago

I mean the game sold 17 millions copies in a matter of days... you would think it would be #1.

TGGJustin22d ago

@Sunny_D it didn't sell 17 million copies they shipped 17 million copies. They very well could've overshipped. We don't actually know what it sold. Also NPD only tracks the US so that doesn't account for RDR2's full sales.

Ceaser985736121d ago

- RDR2 was only released at the end of the month.
- Blops4 was released at the start of the month.
- RDR2 wasn't released on PC, Blops was.
- RDR2 made $725 million opening weekend.
- Blops made $500 million opening weekend.

TGGJustin21d ago

@Ceaser9857361 Here is a fact that apparently is unknown to you since you clearly didn't read the article: PC sales weren't factored into sales for COD. This was PS4 and Xbox One sales only. If they were RDR2 would be even further behind it.

badz14921d ago


"- RDR2 wasn't released on PC, Blops was."

if you read the article, it says Activision Blizzard doesn't disclose CoD numbers sold on so these are almost all console sales only.

galmi21d ago

@TGGJustin I thought shipped and sold were virtually the same thing here

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alb189922d ago

Red Dead Redemption is a game that keeps selling in long term. My money is with RDR2.

UltraNova21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

BR's success and current popularity will allow Blackout and its ongoing nature to make this COD an exemption regarding after launch sales. It will keep selling gangbusters just on word of mouth alone amd as long this mode is supported.

In other words this will be the best selling COD so far if not ever going forward since the BR craze will die down at some point.

nucky6422d ago (Edited 22d ago )

RDR2 was only available for 5 days in oct. - BO4 was available for almost 3 weeks. this isn't surprising or news.

yarbie100021d ago

Black Ops is also on more platforms

TGGJustin21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

Did none of you read the actual article or do you just enjoy stating wrong facts? PC sales were not factored into COD's sales. If they were it would've beaten RDR2 even worse. Read the article for crying out loud.

Strafe21d ago

'Read the article for crying out loud. '

Shitty Venturebeat? No thanks, it's nearly as bad as thisgengaming.

Relientk7721d ago

Lol there were so many people on here claiming Red Dead would outsell it

Orionsangel21d ago

It never catches me off guard that too many gamers want the same game over and over again for 20 years.

frostypants21d ago (Edited 21d ago )

And McDonald's sells more cheeseburgers than Shake Shack. So freaking what? Why would it take anyone "off guard"? Guarding against what?

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Sciurus_vulgaris22d ago

I don't think COD BLOP 4 outselling Read Dead Redemption 2 is that surprising. COD is released so often that many people buy the games habitability or do so because its a popular thing to do.

2pacalypsenow22d ago

Or because they enjoy the game?

spicelicka21d ago

Well no shit, but that's a given factor in any game.

2pacalypsenow21d ago

Not for Call of duty apparently.

No one can like that game, and if they do, they're sheep...

LunaMoona21d ago

They are sheep. But sheep’s can still like something.

mcstorm21d ago

I get why people say sheep ect for tech but let's be honest it's the same all over.

People buy the same brands all the time from food, clothes, electronics ect.

Gaming is no longer a geak hobby it's for eveyone and games like cod, fifa, ect are liked and played by the none core gamers and some core gamers to.

But these games may not be the best of there gore but are easy to pickup and play and are fun.

For me I'm not a fan of cod but I am also not a fan of RDR just not my type of games. I also expected cod to out sell RDR2 as alot of people have moved from bf this time back to cod from what I've heard and seen.

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JEECE22d ago

I honestly think it has largely become like a sports game. As in, "hardcore" people on here and other sites are almost totally distinct from the COD crowd, just like the Madden crowd is its own thing.

RememberThe35722d ago (Edited 22d ago )

So true. But from my experience both titles have a pretty deep social aspect to them. Madden players and COD players seem to be the same people, at least in my circles and they really don't play other games or even like them for that matter. They seem to only play those games with FIFA thrown in occasionally and if you're not playing those games they don't really know what to do with you. I'm not hating or try to over generalize hut that's what I've seen. It reminds me of how people talked about Gran Turismo fans and how GT is really the only game they play regularly.

Gahl1k21d ago

@RememberThe357, I know people who jump from online shooter to online shooter, playing nothing but online shooters. They know nothing outside that realm. If you talk to them about say, Spider-Man or Red Dead Redemption 2, it is like talking to a wall. Baffeling, but to each their own, I guess.

TGGJustin22d ago

Yep just as I expected. All year long people kept saying how nothing can touch RDR2 when it comes out. Meanwhile I always figured a COD with a battle royale mode would be hard for even RDR2 to top. You never count Call of Duty out if you're smart.

JEECE22d ago

You do realize COD came out significantly earlier in the month, right?

TGGJustin22d ago

You do realize that RDR2 had massive hype and pre-order numbers count don't you? We've seen other games release at the end of the month and still outsell things released earlier in the month. Fact is COD has a bigger audience than the cowboy simulator does.

King_Noctis22d ago

Cowboy simulator? I don’t know if you have played it or not, the game is much more than that.

“We've seen other games release at the end of the month and still outsell things released earlier in the month”

Care to give example? Especially games that go against big games like CoD?

porkChop22d ago

"And yet we've seen games at the end of the month outsell games earlier in the month countless times."

Yeah, during months when there wasn't another juggernaut releasing two weeks prior. There's this wonderful little thing called logic, you should try it some time.

TGGJustin21d ago

People had RDR2 pre-ordered. Evidently not even the massive pre-orders and hype was enough to beat COD. Trust me it won't beat it in November either watch and see.

Skankinruby22d ago

Lol just stop, you sound like an idiot

SierraGuy21d ago

Ok...and if COD only released every 5-8 yrs like would that sell?

I'm not bashing RDR but in that situation COD eats anything's lunch.

Strafe21d ago

Look how much hate TGGJustin has for RDR. Lol, it's clear as day.

andibandit21d ago

It's because RDR2 is a competitor to GOW for GOTY, it's so obvious from his comment history.

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JEECE22d ago

How many comments do we think are going to ignore the fact that this only measures sales during October, not overall, and that COD came out two weeks earlier in October?

RpgSama22d ago

RDR2 will still be selling 4 years from now, this COD nobody will remember it one year from now

badz14921d ago

I think all those CoD for the next 4 years including this one will sell significantly more units than RDR2. you really think Activision care? based on sales, since 2013 when both CoD Ghosts and GTAV were released, all CoD combined (until last year's WWII) has accumulated more than 100mil units, more than GTA V sold in the same time frame. WWII is still this year's best selling game in the US too at the moment although that won't last long.

FallenAngel198422d ago

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released October 12
Red Dead Redemption 2 released October 26

With RDR2 only having 5 days to sell in October compared to CoD: BO4’s 19 days, this outcome should’ve been seen.

The real test will be to see how much both games sell in November & December NPD. Let’s not forget Activision moved up CoD’s release from the traditional Novermber for a reason.

TGGJustin22d ago

And yet we've seen games at the end of the month outsell games earlier in the month countless times. Fact is COD has a bigger audience. I expect COD to take it again in November and December since it will be on sale and be included in a PS4 bundle.