Winnie the Pooh censored in Chinese version of Kingdom Hearts 3

According to reports, the Chinese version of Kingdom Hearts 3 might censor Winnie the Pooh. This comes following China's ban of Winnie the Pooh after memes drew comparisons between President Xi Jingping and the bear, mocking the leader.

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PhoenixUp18d ago

Not surprising, the Chinese government don’t like Winnie the Pooh

Eonjay18d ago

Actually thats pretty surprising. Whose skin is that thin. How do they make it through the day if they can't take Pooh?

Lovable18d ago

Their Prime Minsters/President hates winnie the poo since he was being compared to it by the Chinese lol

PapaBop18d ago

^^ Read about that yesterday, absolutely hilarious. If he gets offended by something as trivial as Winnie the Pooh, it's a good job people haven't started comparing him to the likes of Hitler, he'd have a nervous breakdown.

mikeslemonade18d ago

Lol I saw the meme, there’s more people that look like Pooh than him. It’s really not that close.

Casepb18d ago

@Lovable That's hilarious!

rdgneoz318d ago

John Oliver got HBO blocked for a bit by China because he did an episode on the prime minister and winnie the pooh. Was hilarious.

rainslacker18d ago

I'd be honored to be compared to Winnie the Pooh. He's awesome. So innocent and friendly and cute. What girl doesn't want to snuggle up with a pooh bear?

pinkcrocodile7517d ago (Edited 17d ago )

It's the less the fact that he is sensitive to it and more about the fact and he is the first president to win the votes to do away with fix terms and be voted to president for his lifetime.

Not since Mao Zedong has this happened and we all know how well that turned out to be.

Thats why I'm glad to be British because I get to call Theresa May a feckless [email protected] when I want. Don't get me started on the "Orange Panda" currently in the WhiteHouse.

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VTKC18d ago

Apparently he looks like the chinese leader lol.

zodiac90917d ago

LOL if that it the legit reason, Disney should sue China for the Leader existing, cause Pooh has DEFINITELY been around longer than than Xi

bluefox75518d ago

It surprised me. Is this common knowledge?

rainslacker18d ago

LOL. This is kind of amusing, although screwed up at the same time. Imagine if here in the US we censored all the things making fun of Trump. We'd lose Jack-o-Lanterns and pumpkin pie over the holidays.

What would censoring do anyhow? What are they going to make him into? Winnie the Pooh is iconic, and known worldwide. Just changing him isn't going to make people not know who he is, or what he looks like, and censoring him just highlights the fact that it bothers the president, or at least those worried about his image. If the President doesn't want to be compared to Winnie the Pooh, maybe lay off the Hunny Pots, stop talking to little pigs, and keep your ass from hanging out a window you're trying to crawl through. Go to the gym and soon, you can be censoring He-Man instead.

rand017d ago

That is the saddest, weirdest, most pathetic thing I have ever heard. Gotta love communism.

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annoyedgamer18d ago

Same thing they do over here.

Eonjay18d ago

Not even remotely close. This is a personal vendetta against a meme. I haven't seen anything like that here. Have you?

rainslacker18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

I've seen our president rail against a lot of stupid social media crap that he really shouldn't give so much attention to in the press.

That said, if he tried to censor anything because of that, he'd probably lose the next election, and likely come under more fire than he's received for his current term.

Best thing to do in cases like this is just own it, and show it doesn't bother you. Even laugh at it and find it humorous, even if it makes your blood boil inside. Just like not feeding the trolls, you take away the power of the "attack" if you show it doesn't bother you.

Kabaneri18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Not at all, the Chinese government basically scrubbed Winnie the Pooh off their internet when that meme took off. Censorship by a private company is not as bad as full blown government censorship.

nommers18d ago

Yeah, I’m starting to think that some wars were started because the leaders in power of their respective countries and eras are big babies that can’t take a joke. So they send millions to die for their lack of honor.

haydenlake18d ago

How pathetic do you have to be to ban a cartoon character because a politician can't help looking like them. Why not ban the politician for ruining Winnie the Pooh's image?

Shikoku18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Its called communism.

TheColbertinator18d ago

Communist party calls all the shots in China

Bleucrunch18d ago

If all of that is true, then I believe that is some next level insecurity. WoW like @Eonjay said, how do you make it through one day as President if something like that bothers you...sheesh man!

Vhampir18d ago

Because you're President for life, and have control of the military and media. Anyone that bothers you can be sent away for re-education, a labor camp, or have your organs harvested.

Just ask the Taiwanese, Tibetans, Falun Gong, etc.

jelloaceomega18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

Oh Bother! Xi Jinping really hate Pooh-bear that much, that he deletes him from Kingdom Hearts. Wouldn't that make Pooh a nobody then? OhPoX!
lol this really made my day. :D

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