PS3 Home Beta: Exclusive Far Cry 2 Screens & Video

"This first part of our tipster's update is a video showing a trailer for Far Cry 2 playing on a large screen in a Home public space. A few beta invitees stop by to check out the video, or is that check out the girl? Funnily enough the dudes end up literally inside each other... The second half of the update consists of 26 screenshots."

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Kleptic4275d ago

cool i guess...

not sure what to think of the game so far...I only rented it based on the reviews...and it does have the same problems all open world games do so far (annoying monotonous missions at times...poor gameplay to 'get to the gameplay location' ratio, you spend more time driving to your objective than you do completing it, etc.)...

I'm playing the PS3 version...have not had one hint of slow down so far, and have absolutely wrecked some enemy bases...but the pop in can be a bit much at times...its not that stuff suddenly pops into view, its just the texture map changes significantly at certain certain times of the day, the game looks worse than Oblivion (and I have noticed that on videos from all 3 versions)...but at others the game looks absolutely incredible, especially at dusk in thick forest...the lighting is some of the best I have seen at that point...its also cool to see all the physics based destruction made it to the console versions as can watch plants and trees react violently to explosions, as well as cut down the forest with a big enough gun...similar to Crysis...

its definitely a decent game...but i'll stick with just the rental...the open world problems it has are too much for me to get over...and, even having the map editor on consoles, the multiplayer feels very tacked on...

thor4275d ago

Too bad Home is practically confirmed to not come out (even in open beta form) until December (otherwise the Qore offer would not be any good). Since the open beta will only happen in December, this means the full release of Home will not be until next year, just like I said. So Home won't release this year. I don't know WTF they are doing development-wise, because Home has less features than were promised and it's delayed an awful long time. I was expecting it in October of last year. I hope it gets cancelled and they don't invest any more time and money in this money drain. With all the development effort Home has got, you could have built a great game, rather than a half-arsèd virtual world.

n4gzz4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I agree there. I would love to see Killzone 2 type couple more game than Home. I don't really care but its becoming joke now. Don't promise crap when you can't deliver it on time.

Mikelarry4275d ago

qore is a magazine first a beta schwag sure there are services you have subscribed to that most of us would be like no way would i pay for that. its just perference to be honest and if subscribers happen to get demos and beta invites as well yay

thor4275d ago

Why do Qore subscribers get exclusive entry to the Home beta in Nov then? Aren't they getting screwed over?

WhittO4275d ago

i didnt know there was a rule that if you get a beta in quore, it must be atleast a month before others get in?!

quore buyers will get it, then prob like 2 weeks later everyone else will.

Kleptic4275d ago

yeah it will probably be a 3 week timed beta entry...just like motorstorm PR's demo...

but that means nothing on whether all the features will go online at that point...right now its next to nothing...just a pointless virtual world to walk around game features yet I don't care either way when I get into the beta if its still that crap...I am waiting for all the rooms and features to go online before I even form an opinion on how good or bad the service is...

tudors4275d ago

K.I.S.S 'keep it simple stupid'

I am starting to think that PS3 HOME is too ambitious for it's own good, the longer it takes the less appealing it becomes.

ultimolu4275d ago

Excellent art pieces take time.

DJ4275d ago

As does the lighting. Now if they can get the HOME avatars to animate their mouths when you speak on the Microphone, THAT would be awesome.

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