Sunset Overdrive PC Ultra Setting vs. Xbox One Comparison

Sunset Overdrive is available now on PC after managing to end up as an Xbox One exclusive for close to four years. Here’s a comparison between the PC version on Ultra vs. Xbox One at 900p.

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darthv7219d ago

1080p 60 on PC at ultra settings is nice & clear and looks to be what the X should be able to do if they ever release an X patch.

The game is still fun to play.

kevnb19d ago

I’m not sure the x can do 60 FPS, it still has a fairly weak cpu. I could see them give it a big resolution boost and maybe upping some settings though.

darthv7219d ago (Edited 19d ago )

They could try for a performance mode (1080p unlocked frame rate) and a quality mode (4k 30). Even 45-50 fps is still better than 30.

BioNeo19d ago

"I’m not sure the x can do 60 FPS"
Dreamcast did 60fps 200Mhz cpu
PS2 did 60fps 300mhz
Stop with the X,Y,Z console can't do 60fps. It's up to the developers to fill the basket with what they want. If they want 60fps then maybe they have to leave out some other taxing CPU task, like lower res shadows, physics, poor lighting, or Resolution.
4k 60 titles: Forza 7, Madden, Super lucky's tale, path of exhile, Doom, plus many more...
Point being 60fps or more is capable depending on what the developers choose to leave out. it always has been this way from PS1/ Sega Saturn.

kevnb19d ago

@darthv72 when cpu limited it doesn’t matter what resolution they use, this being an open world game I’m assuming they are too cpu limited for 60fps.

kevnb19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

@bioneo why are you ignoring the context? There are 60 FPS games on the x and even the og xbox one, however open world games are cpu heavy and 60fps is most likely out of the question for this hardware. Lowering shadows and resolution would do almost nothing to boost cpu performance, lowering physics would. But considering this is a an open world game, they would have to reduce everything cpu related to the point where the game feels empty and lifeless to hit 60fps (or at the very least very dated). The cpus found in current gen systems aren’t even really much of a step up from last gen cpus, the gpus are what got a big boost. All the games you listed aren’t cpu bound, go look at some pc benchmarks to see what I mean.

kevnb18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

wow 5 disagrees for saying resolution doesnt really matter when you are cpu bound, what do you guys think the gpu does? This isnt software rendering... The cpu does about the same amount of work no matter what resolution the gpu is outputting at. Maybe it would help if i explained how things work, the cpu tells the gpu what to do and the gpu actually outputs to the screen. The cpu doesnt actually send more information to the gpu when you render at a higher resolution, it just says render at x resolution and the gpu does that work. Very old games used software rendering, but we are way past that era.

kevnb18d ago (Edited 18d ago )

To add more to my previous comment, think of xbox one x enahnced games. Most of them use the same assets and they just change the configuration to output at higher res, notice the one x only has a slight boost in cpu but a huge boost in gpu which is why most games get higher resolution but not 60 fps... although shooters tend to be mostly gpu bound so some can get a 60 fps mode.

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19d ago
kingtoby208119d ago

The PC version looks incredible. Can't wait to try it out on my gtx 2070

Wha_gwaan19d ago ShowReplies(9)
ImGumbyDammit19d ago (Edited 19d ago )

Are you sure it is a GTX 2070? Not a GTX 1070 or an RTX 2070?

kingtoby208119d ago (Edited 19d ago )

I'm sure its a Rtx 2070 but didn't know a typo error would cause a lot of fanboys LMAO

Blu3_Berry19d ago

You can tell it looks way cleaner and crisp on PC compared to Xbox, even just at 1080p.

OpenGL19d ago

Been replaying the game at 4K60 on my 1080Ti, actual asset quality doesn't appear improved at all however the huge increase in resolution makes the game look much better.

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