Blue Mage Reveal Has Bitterly Divided the FFXIV Community

The announcement of the oft-requested Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy XIV should have been universally celebrated, but has instead split the FFXIV community.

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Kashima22d ago

Limited job is really stupid, i hope it goes full job at expansion release

Princess_Pilfer21d ago

Right now? We don't know. there are a couple of possible reasons, and it oculd be a combination of them.

For 1, they can't garuntee your level of power. As a level 30 paladin they *know* you have abilities X Y and Z, and they know exactly what armor you have access too. But when you have to go out and actively hunt for your abilities, they can't know wether or not you've found them, so you taking a DPS role could be actively holding people back in group finder, which isn't fair.

2: They might want to not have to worry about balancing the class to fit into the current meta (ie it could be wildly OP,) and a way to do that would be to just remove it from the meta all together.

3: They could be trying to actively push people towards using Party Finder instead of group finder, because Blue Mage can do dungones and raids, but only in party finder.