3% Of Ubisoft’s Total Sales In The Second Quarter Of 2018-19 Came From The Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft recently published their Q2 2018-19 sales results. In their report, they did a breakdown of revenue based on the various platforms available. According to their data, 3% of their Q2 2018-19 revenue came from the Nintendo Switch. Just Dance 2019 and Starlink: Battle For Atlas were not available at the time, so their sales are not included in this data. A tweet relayed the news, so you can see the full revenue breakdown for yourself down below.

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PhoenixUp20d ago

What’s “Others” on that chart? Ubisoft apparently made more on whatever that’s classified as than it did on Switch.

DwightSchrute0119d ago

Ubisoft should have put assassins creed on the switch. Treating Nintendo fans as 2nd class citizens will never help there sales.

badz14919d ago

OR...maybe Nintendo could provide devs with little more power and storage under the hood for once so they don't have to go the extra mile to scale down their games to run on the damn thing but to just have 3% of total sales! have you thought about that?

Not all devs are happy with last gen tech and visuals like Nintendo do with all their games.

DwightSchrute0119d ago (Edited 19d ago )

If you read the article and not just the clickbait title, then you would know that it wasn't just 3% of total sales as all games haven't been included so it's likely a lot more.

Not all devs HAVE to go the extra mile if there talented enough.
Panic button has no issue porting games to the switch.

Bad workmen will always blame their tools.

That being said, unless you've been living under a rock, a switch pro has been rumoured for next year so we will see if it's just a case of having more power or storage.

Also not all Devs main focus are about visuals. Some Devs put Gameplay, fun and enjoyment as their main priority over something that just looks pretty.

DJK1NG_Gaming19d ago

It is. I. Japan through streaming

Seafort19d ago

Assassin's Creed would not be able to run on Switch. It's up to Nintendo if they want more resource intensive games on their systems.

No excuses for a very low end console now.

DwightSchrute0119d ago

That's what they said about doom and other 3rd party games. But it's running and running well.

badz14919d ago


running 30fps when other versions run 60fps at and at higher resolutions to boot is not what I would call as "running well". the word you're looking for is "gimped"!

Shikoku19d ago

They support Wii pretty well and were treated to pretty crappy sales so when Nintensdroid quit treating third party so poorly maybe they will get better choices or selections.

2pacalypsenow19d ago

Nintendo should have made a console with better specs.

Strange_Evil18d ago

Ask Nintendo to not treat its fans as 2nd class citizens by pushing 2nd class hardware. Asking devs to 'figure it out' for a platform where they hardly get any sales is a tough pill to swallow. Don't bring the BS 'talent' into the discussion. You can have all the talent in the world but it requires time and effort to rejigger things just for 1 console which is not worth it with only 3% revenue. Might as well use those resources to make the game better on the other 2 platforms where people actually buy shit.

You would at least expect Nintendo would make game development easy on their platform but no... They'll launch a weak ass hardware and lose developer interest from the get go.

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Shikoku19d ago

3% oh wow stop the presses, the switch brought 3% sales... Wow......this is news?

LandoCalrissiano19d ago

So then it'd just be south park and mario+rabbids totalling 3%