2008 Is Now Officially "The Year of the Zombie"

Many games in 2008 seem to have zombies in them or contain some sort of zombie mode, so is 2008 truly the year of the zombie? Platform Nation discusses this topic.

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PirateThom4276d ago

Zombies are almost as horrible as vampires.

Completely awful.

Pain4276d ago

i noticed that too, its been zombies in overdrive more then usual.

like i know it october but wtf!?

Silogon4276d ago

Yeah, but none have been break out usages of Zombies. They're all very small taste of them. I'd like to see a blown out, 3rd person, Zombie game the size of Mercs 2 or Saints Row 2... Cites full of ravenous zombies.

WAR_MACHINE774276d ago

It wouldn't surprise me if a game like that came out in 2010 around the time World War Z hits theaters (great book btw, go read it).

hay4276d ago

That would be really great. Zombies are my all-time favourite "monsters". I grow up watching zombie movies and I'm still pretty much normal. Well gotta go eat some brains.

BobDog4276d ago

i personally dont care for cod5, or gta4

so that just leaves left 4 dead, which im semi excited for even with r2 and lbp on my list

JonahNL4276d ago

Yes, I'd definitely say that 2008 is the year of the zombies. Left 4 Dead, CoD5's Nazi Zombies, GTA IV Zombie Skin, Fallout 3 has some zombie-like monsters, World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King, Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason (looks like zombies), Silent Hill: Homecoming. Haven't heard much lately about Dead Island though, too bad.

Nicolator4276d ago

lots of zombie games all out .. 2009.. L4D, RES5.. that is about it for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.