Fallout 76 review – a pointless walk in the post-apocalypse - The Guardian

Half-baked conflict ideas and witless quests to unearth the dead – this soulless sequel is perfect if you enjoy picking up rubbish in a wasteland

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TheColbertinator1838d ago

Wasn't too attached to building settlements in F4 so I can see why this game isn't for everyone

BoneMagnus1838d ago

It’s seems that a lot of the criticism around content is similar to No Man’s Sky. Story matters.

UnHoly_One1838d ago

And Sea of Thieves.

Not a lot of variety of things to do, and the fun is just in doing it with your buddies.

Problem with this game is that most of the people seem to want to play alone, and even with buddies it just isn't that much fun.

MatrixxGT1838d ago

Because fallout hasn’t nor should have ever been a multiplayer game. Problem for me is that while I’m out exploring and I come across some structures I expect to go in and kill some enemies and loot the place and come out with more ammo stimpacks clothes or gear. Now I don’t even want to go into a building that’s not a quest target because I’ll waste my ammo on trash mobs and come out hungry and thirsty with no food,water,med aids and 600 aluminum or tin cans.

UnHoly_One1838d ago

Yeah it's so terrible.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt and preordered but I cancelled after a couple beta sessions because it was one of the worst things I've ever played.

SO GLAD they did a beta.

Ethereal1838d ago

Not seeing reviews up before launch was a dead give away this was rough around the edges.

DrumBeat1838d ago

Rough around the edges is a massive understatement. It has no edges. It's like an abandoned construction project that nobody cares about.

I'm glad people are vocal and letting Todd and Co know that this trash won't be tolerated.

Hardiman1838d ago

This game sounds like it's everything that turned me off it to begin with! What goes around comes around Todd!

Thundercat771837d ago

Todd loves to talk trash about Sony. Now is time for Todd to receive all that poison back.

Hardiman1837d ago

Yeah it's bad enough how dated the engine is, how buggy the game is but his attacks directed at Sony showed who he is! His smugness won't help him now!


Fallout 76 Celebrates 5 Years In The Wasteland

Time to blow out the candles. Bethesda is inviting the more-than-15 million Fallout 76 players to date to grab their party hats and mutated best buddies to celebrate the game’s 5th Anniversary. For this auspicious occasion, Bethesda Game Studios is hosting a variety of themed in-game events, a Birthday Parade, and offering festive party favors.

Soy17d ago

Congrats on survival for five years. Not many saw that coming, to be fair.

Garethvk17d ago

They have continued to crankmout content. I usually only go back for new campaign like The Pit and such but the new stuff they announced should get me back again.

oIMyersIo17d ago

Honestly surprised the game has survived this long. Got burned twice in the space of a few months between this and Anthem. Apparently its better now but that ship has sailed for me.

Garethvk17d ago

I stuck with it from launch and am glad that I did.

jznrpg17d ago

I thought it said Fallout 76 Survives 5 years of wasteland at first.

mastershredder17d ago (Edited 17d ago )

Who's celebrating? A couple of level-400 players that have not left their homes in the last year? No doubt they'll be lame downloadable accessories for your camp and character, themed to remind you that you have been grinding the same shi7 for the last 5 years.

Garethvk17d ago

People always come back when new content arrives.

anast17d ago

They have ripped off people for 5 years and throw it in their face with a 5 year party. You can't make this stuff up.

Garethvk17d ago

Game has been enjoyable and lots of new content.


Fallout 76 is a Bigger Redemption Story Than Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 and Fallout 76 have similar spectacular tales of regaining players' trust, but Fallout 76's path to redemption was more turbulent.

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RupeeHoarder40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Don’t think so but okay let’s play this game. Two games there were a launch disappointment but Fallout has an additional 2 years of patch improvements available to it. This is such a waste of an article to pump up Bethesda. More opportunity to improve due to duration of time, but still the worse game.

GhostScholar40d ago

I think the worst thing about fallout 76 is that no one wanted it in the first place. It was just a dumb gamble that a multiplayer game void of even npcs at launch is what the fans wanted or anyone looking to get into the fallout universe.

shinoff218340d ago

Fallout 76 should've been a completed single player game. What a waste of resources.

porkChop40d ago

If they were going to do online it either should have been a proper MMO like ESO or a spin-off like New Vegas but with coop. Instead they made this weird Destiny/Division-style game that no one wanted.