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James Kennedy of The Koalition writes: In 2016 Square Enix released a Hitman game in the form of an episodic series, which was a strange approach, to say the least. After two years of further development under the Warner Brothers umbrella, Danish developer IO Interactive has worked on six new sandbox levels and released them all at once under the title of “Hitman 2“.

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rbailey20d ago

After playing through some of this game, Hitman 2 is pretty much more of the same from season 1. This isn't bad for those who are fans of the series but I would at least be nice to see IO Interactive do more to innovate on the formula in the future as these episodes easily could have been another $30-$40 season pass add-on instead of a full $60 retail release.

stefan_77120d ago

IMO It deserves a 9. It's my GOTY