Square Enix's Relationship With Development Hell

It’s no secret that Square Enix has delivered many great games, from the beloved Kingdom Hearts series to the highly-debated PS3 and PS4 Final Fantasy games. Things do seem fine on the surface, and in some studios they are, Eidos Montreal has been working well on the Tomb Raider games. However, concerning the main branches Square Enix Co.Ltd (the Main Tokyo team) and Square Enix Osaka, behind the scenes from 2006, things were imploding.

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FallenAngel19841479d ago

I can’t believe this article detailed Square Enix’s history of long development periods and yet never brought up the title that started this predicament, Final Fantasy XII.

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InKnight7s1479d ago

Stop that turned based thing non sense, the problem wasn't ever about turned based, the real problem is managment thats what ruined these games. SE focused on FFXIII trilogy(nobody asked for and sequels sales are pathetic) and ditching games like Agito, KH and Versus.

What really happened is Wada and Tabata fault. Wada is the one who is responsible of assigns most of Versus XIII team to help out XIII disaster failure progress. And Tabata was not helping by taking 5 years to finish PSP game that even never released outside Japan. Nomura never got chance to have full development greenlight which totally made things worse. Once Tabata assigned SE went full production so Tabata scratched everything and showed us 2013 trailer which isn't delivered and by his medicore touches he ruined it.

I know some Tabata fanboy will outrage me but these are facts search up for articles and you will find how Tabat was lying and creating waste of potentials contents all along until he resigned and made thongs even worse with lame Episodic DLC system which eventually it cancelled.

Razmiran1479d ago

Wow, you really dont know anything

Omnislashver361478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

No, the main problem they had was their in-house engines, Crystal Tools/Luminous Engine.

versusXIII was never possible on this engine, we saw that with how barebones FFXV turned out to be. They likely HAD to delay it for PS4 at some point because none of it was working.

And the 2013 vXIII/XV trailer was on the Ebony engine, a test engine. Even Nomura had trouble with Luminous which is why he scrapped Luminous for KH3 and since then has produced the game in 4 years flat.

The future of FF is with Unreal Engine and Tabata turned out the scapegoat. We can look forward to KH3/FFVIIR but looking on their past mistakes it has to do with him not getting a workable engine. Neither Nomura nor Tabata is at fault.

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