InXile acquired by Microsoft: the interview

From Eurogamer: "On Saturday 10th November, Microsoft announced buying Californian role-playing game developers inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. Two studios independent which had fought for survival for a decade-and-a-half were now under the Xbox umbrella. The message from Microsoft was reassurance: don't worry, nothing will change, we won't kill them - they'll continue to make the games you love, only they'll have more resources and support available to "fully realise" their ambitions. Nevertheless, questions remained."

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cigi27d ago

Nice - will be great for Xbox and PC gamers

Switch4One27d ago

Great for all gamers really. These guys were struggling and a deal like this ensures they are able to fulfill their commitments(Wasteland 3 for instance) with more resources and on all promised platforms.

CarlDechance27d ago

Nice. Good to hear they are beefing up to make some larger games. I do hope they stick to their RPG roots though.

shaggy230327d ago

Ye, just looking at the Microsoft first party studios they really do have a wide variety of talent, nothing quite on par as say Naughty Dog or Rock☆ but they are doing a good job of rebuilding the first party catalogue.

kevnb27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

They have studios that are just as talented actually, lets see if they give them the time, freedom and money rockstar and Naughty Dog have to make their games. Talent alone cant compete with 8 year development cycles and huge budgets. well over 100 million for a rockstar game and around 50 million for a naughty dog game that only runs on one system, thats not including marketing. Many publishers just don't set up their dev teams for success like they should, lets hope microsoft can be more like sony.

rainslacker26d ago

It's not so much the talent, as the resources available to make the games. I think MS has some really good studios and devs, but they aren't always given the resources(ie. time) to make something more.

If they keep up with the PC releases as well, the'll also be hampered by DX, which is a higher level language, so while the xbox versions can be optimized more for low level, its still splitting resources instead of focusing on one build.

kevnb27d ago

Im not sure what to think at this point, microsoft hasnt been the best first party but it really seems like they want to be. Hopefully they dont get in the way too much, I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail.

shaggy230327d ago

In think the problem was that Microsoft thought they couldn't lose going from Xbox 360 over to Xbox One and just assumed everyone would stay with them.

Don Mattrick thought the Xbox One was going to be more a mass media box and less of a games console.

It's taken this long for Microsoft to realise their mistakes and hopefully they can rebuild and start to be a competitor to Sony.

The last thing any gamer wants is for one company to dominate, all company's need some form of competition.

mkis00726d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Idk had fun with the ps2.

Switch4One26d ago

Yeah and then PS3 came along and we were told to get more jobs to afford it.
Because PS2 dominated, Sony got complacent and thought we'd buy PS3's because "it's a PLAYSTATION!" and they didn't initially focus on giving us reasons to buy one up until later in its life cycle.

Xbox is in a similar position although the writing was on the wall already with the introduction of Kinect back in the 360 days. That's when I decided to be a multi-console owner because you cannot rely on any of these companies to always cater to you.

Imortus_san26d ago (Edited 26d ago )

Sony as close far more studios then Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond26d ago

"I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail." Like how they cancelled Scalebound? In MS eyes that game looked like a failure and had the foresight to cancel it (though I still think the game had potential). No MS doesn't need to make games that fail or games they don't see living up to the hype. MS can't afford to fail at all unless you want to see another Sclebound on our hands.

rainslacker26d ago

They didn't try with that though. They cancelled it.

porkandshakes26d ago

"I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail."

Pretty sure they've been doing that all gen

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battlegrog26d ago

Just imagine by the time next gen launches in 2 years they will probably have several more studios brought on board and pass sony. They have how many studios now all working on different games that will all fill in just in time to dominate next gen.