InXile acquired by Microsoft: the interview

From Eurogamer: "On Saturday 10th November, Microsoft announced buying Californian role-playing game developers inXile Entertainment and Obsidian Entertainment. Two studios independent which had fought for survival for a decade-and-a-half were now under the Xbox umbrella. The message from Microsoft was reassurance: don't worry, nothing will change, we won't kill them - they'll continue to make the games you love, only they'll have more resources and support available to "fully realise" their ambitions. Nevertheless, questions remained."

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CarlDechance885d ago

Nice. Good to hear they are beefing up to make some larger games. I do hope they stick to their RPG roots though.

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kevnb885d ago

Im not sure what to think at this point, microsoft hasnt been the best first party but it really seems like they want to be. Hopefully they dont get in the way too much, I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail.

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Imortus_san884d ago (Edited 884d ago )

Sony as close far more studios then Microsoft.

AngelicIceDiamond884d ago

"I would rather them try new things constantly even if that means some games will fail." Like how they cancelled Scalebound? In MS eyes that game looked like a failure and had the foresight to cancel it (though I still think the game had potential). No MS doesn't need to make games that fail or games they don't see living up to the hype. MS can't afford to fail at all unless you want to see another Sclebound on our hands.

rainslacker884d ago

They didn't try with that though. They cancelled it.

battlegrog884d ago

Just imagine by the time next gen launches in 2 years they will probably have several more studios brought on board and pass sony. They have how many studios now all working on different games that will all fill in just in time to dominate next gen.