Gamestop Discounts God of War to $17 As Part of Their Black Friday Specials

BOY! Have you been waiting to experience the latest chapter in the God of War series? Perhaps you already beat it, decided to trade it in, and feel the need to give it another shot now that the New Game+ mode is live? Now’s your chance because Gamestop is going to have it suoer cheap!

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Lionsguard21d ago

That's just basically just straight up robbery.

affrogamer21d ago

I platinum'd and sold it before they added the game plus feature. Time to cop again!

StormSnooper20d ago

Damn that’s crazy. You can feel like a thrifty god.

Crazyglues20d ago

Anyone buying at that price, "The Gods Have Truly Blessed You Today"....

PlayableGamez-20d ago

This game is still worth 60 in my opinion. 17 is a steal.

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The story is too old to be commented.