Bungie Details Destiny 2: Black Armory Launch Plans

Bungie is giving Destiny 2 fans some information on what to expect with their next big paid DLC, Black Armory. The company also detailed issues that players may encounter in the week leading up to the update.

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Patricko26d ago

It's not a "big" dlc. Forsaken was big. Black Armory will be something like CoO or even smaller.

Gigamax26d ago

Fans are getting new exotics, legendaries, an activity, and a raid lair! You're right though, nothing close to Forsaken, that was massive to say the least. Are you a Destiny fan?

SolidGamerX26d ago

Wheres the details, all this stuff was already known.

Magic_Spatula26d ago

And still you're missing out on content if you don't get the annual pass. For shame Activision.

william_cade26d ago

Nice - does that mean players can use the same shaders over again or are they still going to be one time use?